Damn Am Woodward West 2012 Semi-Finals Results

1: Jereme Knibbs

Jereme Knibbs
Sponsors: Nike SB, Bones, Santa Cruz Skateboards, The Boardr, Shaqueefa, Thunder, Squad Up, #OFFTHATWET, Rockstar Energy, MOB Grip,
Hometown: Tampa, FL

2: Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Lakai, Independent Trucks, Ricta, Mob Grip, Active, Glassy Sunhaters, Bronson Speed Co.
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

3: Dashawn Jordan

Dashawn Jordan
Sponsors: Nike SB, Diamond Supply Co., Bones Swiss, SOVRN, Royal Trucks, Glassy Sun Haters, Grizzly Grip, Spitfire, Cowtown
Hometown: Chandler, AZ

4: Anthony Anaya

Anthony Anaya
Sponsors: Foundation Skateboards, Vans, Pig Wheels, Matix Clothing, Independent Trucks, Oneway Boardshop
Hometown: Santa Maria CA

5: Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Adidas Footwear, Independent, Ricta, Crap Eyewear, Silika Glass, Bones Bearings, Mob Grip, DAF
Hometown: Venice, CA

6: Brendon Villanueva

Brendon Villanueva
Sponsors: Spitfire (flow), Fourstar (flow), Lakai (flow), Royal (flow), Bones Swiss, Active
Hometown: Poway CA

7: Tyler Elsey

Tyler Elsey
Hometown: Huntington Beach CA

8: Luke Hampton

Luke Hampton
Sponsors: Orion, Laced, Emerica (flow), Youth Shelter Skate Shop, Blueprint
Hometown: Moorhead MN

9: Gage Boyle

Gage Boyle
Sponsors: Real (flow), Thunder, Spitfire, Emerica (flow) Lurk Hard Skatelab, Filmbot Grip, Knowgood Hardware, Active Ride Shop, Bronson Speed Co, Glassy Sun Haters
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

10: Blake Harris

Blake Harris
Sponsors: Foundation, Dekline, Orion, Pharside Skate Shop
Hometown: Byrill ck Australia

11: Carlos Lastra

Carlos Lastra
Sponsors: Revive skateboards (flow) Force wheels (flow), Flik grip tape, active ride shop (HB), Ssur plus clothing, team bk, Ethika
Hometown: Long Beach, CA

12: Fletcher Renegar

Fletcher Renegar
Sponsors: Element, Converse CONS, Bones, Comfort Skateshop
Hometown: Chattanooga TN

13: Paul Hart

Paul Hart
Sponsors: Cliche, Bones, Andale Bearings, Venture, Diamond, Footprint Insoles, Globe, Mountain Dew, Grizzly, The Block Skate Supply
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
V1 Series STF Cheers Hart Wheels White V1 Series STF Cheers Hart Wheels $32.00

14: Anthony Estrada

Anthony Estrada
Sponsors: Plan B (flow), Silver (flow), LRG (flow), Globe (flow), FKD, Kush Pops, Silika Glass, High Life USA
Hometown: Ontario, CA

15: Derek Elmendorf

Derek Elmendorf
Sponsors: Grandeur Skate Shop, Quantum Hardware, Stelth Headwear, Do Good Skateboards
Hometown: San Diego CA

16: Julian Stinnett

Julian Stinnett
Sponsors: Flip (flow), Sun Diego
Hometown: La Mesa CA

17: Ryan Townley

Ryan Townley
Sponsors: Welcome Skateboards, OJ Wheels, HUF, Independent Trucks, Bronson Speed Co, MOB Grip, Terrace
Hometown: Anaheim, CA

18: Kevin Bradley

Kevin Bradley
Sponsors: Supreme, Fucking Awesome, Spitfire, Nike SB, Crap Eyewear, Hardies Hardware, Thunder
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

19: Zane Timpson

Zane Timpson
Sponsors: WarCo Skateboards, Adidas (flow), McGills Skate Shop, Bones Wheels (flow), Dakine, Heel Bruise (flow)
Hometown: Encinitas CA

20: Jacob Walder

Jacob Walder
Sponsors: Warco, Silver Trucks, FKD bearings, Furnace Skateshop, Supra Footwear, Kush Pops, Pig, Fly Society
Hometown: Orange County, CA

21: Logan Summers

Logan Summers
Sponsors: BC Surf and Sport, Bones, Globe (Flow), Nova Grip, Theory skateboards
Hometown: Salt Lake City UT

22: Gilbert Estrada aka Lil Gee

Gilbert Estrada aka Lil Gee
Sponsors: Plan B, LRG, Silver, FKD, Globe, Mainline Skate Shop
Hometown: Ontario CA

23: James Capps

James Capps
Sponsors: FTC, KnowledgeClothingCo, enjoi(flow), Lakai(flow), spitfire, hélas caps, bones Swiss
Hometown: San Francisco CA

24: Ryan Guiso

Ryan Guiso
Sponsors: DGK (flow), Street Science, Gold, Silver
Hometown: Tracy CA

25: Ryder Lawson

Ryder Lawson
Sponsors: Primitive (flow), Globe, Theeve, Skull Candy, Monster Skatepark, Redbull Australia, Modus, Dickies
Hometown: Sydney, Australia

26: Ryan Strader

Ryan Strader
Sponsors: Bamboo Skateboards, LACED Clothing, Capital Skatepark, Vox Footwear, Good Life Wheels, The Shop In Overground, Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings
Hometown: Austin TX

27: Vince Duran

Vince Duran
Sponsors: World, Ezekiel, Small Wheels, Filmbot, Huf, Marquisa
Hometown: San Francisco CA

28: Nick Frink

Nick Frink
Sponsors: Street Science Skate Shop, CBC (flow)
Hometown: Livermore CA