Tampa Am 2012 Independent Best Trick Results

1: Brodie Penrod

Brodie Penrod
Sponsors: Etnies (flow), Altamont (flow), Cliché (flow), Ricta, Mob, Wicked Audio
Hometown: American Fork UT
Notes: Backside tailslide bigflip out to flat.

2: Julian Christianson

Julian Christianson
Sponsors: Stelth Headwear DC, 303 CLFX Boardshop, Royal Stain, Stelth Headwear
Hometown: Denver CO
Notes: Gap to switch bluntslide 270 out.

3: Jamie Foy

Jamie Foy
Sponsors: Island Water Sports, Nike (Flow), Almost, Hurley (Flow), Spy, Stance, Vestal, Ramp48 Skatepark, Wicked Audio
Hometown: Deerfield Beach FL
Notes: Gap to 360 flip lipslide.

4: Trevor Colden

Trevor Colden
Sponsors: Skate Mental, thunder trucks, Nike SB and apparel, MOB, Skullcandy, Bones Swiss Bearings, Active
Hometown: Virginia Beach VA
Notes: Crooked grind nollie flip popover.
Trevor Colden Emoji Deck N/A Trevor Colden Emoji Deck $50.00
Trevor Colden Denied Deck N/A Trevor Colden Denied Deck $50.00
Trevor Colden Gummies Deck N/A Trevor Colden Gummies Deck $50.00

5: Dashawn Jordan

Dashawn Jordan
Sponsors: Nike SB (flow), KR3W (flow), Diamond (flow), Bones Swiss (flow), Monster (flow), Hex (flow), Grizzly Grip
Hometown: Chandler AZ
Notes: 360 flip backside 180 to flat.