SPoT Digital Product Toss: Aldrin Garcia's Set-up He Broke the World Record Ollie With

Remember the video of the Maloof chick picking the wedgie? In case you didn't make it past that, seconds later, Aldrin Garcia snapped the new Guiness World Record ollie at 45 inches. Powell has hooked up an amazing Digital Product Toss based on that ollie. They sent over all the gear Aldrin was using when he cracked over that bar. With $130 Theeve titanium trucks and $90 Bones Swiss Ceramics bearings, it looks like he was pushing around Bentley wood. Check out the gear up for this DPT:
  • Powell Chad Bartie Deck
  • Theeve Titanium Trucks
  • Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
  • Bones STF 54mm Wheels
  • Bones 1" Hardware
  • Mini Logo Griptape
  • Fold Neff Beanie
Even the beanie he was wearing? Yep. Come up on this setup and maybe you'll be jumping 45 like Aldrin. It's a quick and easy entry below.
This DPT starts on Monday, April 11, 2011 and ends on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 when the winner will be picked and emailed. So far there are 510 entries.
This Digital Product Toss has expired. Check back for more soon.
Digital Product Tosses are only available for addresses in the continental United States.

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