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Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Stance: ?, Age: ?, Status: Pro

Last Update: Friday, May 31, 2013

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A bunch of people over the years have asked me about starting a small business and what it takes to get their business going. There are lots of ways I could answer that question, but while talking to someone the other day an analogy popped into my head that made sense to me that I’m going to share with you, perhaps it will be of service. If you plan to sail in a boat, in order to start sailing you need to put your sails up. It’s that simple. Without your sails up and by not positioning them to harness the power of the wind you’re just ebbing and flowing in the water, but not going anywhere. So that’s what an idea or opportunity is without any action, just another boat sitting in the water waiting for a sail to get hoisted up so that it can get moving. Sailing can get complicated if you plan to sail long distances, so too can business as it grows. As your idea blossoms and matures you’ll learn/add layers of complexity by necessity in order to sail farther/grow larger, but you don’t need to bother with every organizational/operational detail in the beginning. What you need is to start (start small, really small), to get moving. What about working capital, business structure, a business plan, management, bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, cash flow human resources, hiring/firing, a marketing plan, distribution, sales, advertising, social media, to lease vs. to buy, or the F word Failure & what about this that and every other thing under the sun? Sure all of those things I listed and many more to numerous to list are important and will need to be addressed, but most importantly you need to get your sails up in order to get your vessel moving. First you’ll sail in the marina where you’re vessel is docked, that’s starting small. Next you’ll venture into waters that are still within sight of the coast line, still small & next you might sail to a nearby island, still pretty small & then you’ll sail to another continent and ultimately you’ll sail all the seven seas in your vessel pushed by trade winds with the ability/knowhow to withstand any inclement weather mother nature throws at you, if that’s your goal. βœŒοΈβ€οΈπŸ• #smallbusiness

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