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Hometown: Brooklyn NY
Stance: Regular, Age: ?, Status: Pro

Last Update: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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So I know today was pretty ridiculous but this has been going on for 3 weeks. All we do is laugh about how shitty our luck is because how strong our love is. The bad has mostly been financial, painful, or just bullshit. Other than a private issue and some dude trying to throw me under the bus at work(my boss straightened him out atleast) I'll do a lil Pensyl Family recap... Hot water heater went- but it was under warranty, mice in the car- I think I killed them all, our dog is sick-the meds seem to be working, we are super broke-it's tax season, we tried to get the measles shot for D before fla and we show up and the dr said they wouldn't kick in for 2 weeks (thanks for the heads up in the scheduling dept, we gave them the flight dates and nope no warning) and it's the coldest winter in fork'n forever- Ali's family has a house in Fla for awhile so we are going this week. And then there's Ali's 3 trips to Bk this week to pack up and go to meetings about the apt, and our car broke down in the holland tunnel, so it got towed back to Pa- luckily we had AAA Dlx-still took 3hours. And more importantly last min we decided I'd take both the girls to gymnastics because Delancy would have been with her. And then there was today... But at the end of everyday I get to come home to this so all you can do is laugh. (Thanks to our families for helping us from drowning right now.) I know they say money comes and goes but it's been going way too much lately. But then again money doesn't give you the daddy's home hugs so fork the paper we are good! #laughitoff #familyfirst #wegood

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