Tampa Am 2007 Sunday Street Best Trick Results

1: Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill
Sponsors: DVS, Venture, Grizzly grip, Plan B, Diamond, Red Bull, Ful, Bones Bearings, Dakine, Nixon, Markisa,, Happy Hour Shades, Loud Headphones, Skatelab
Hometown: Simi Valley CA
Notes: Nollie heel flip crook on the big rail
Torey Pudwill Flashback Deck N/A Torey Pudwill Flashback Deck $50.00
Torey Pudwill Lines Deck N/A Torey Pudwill Lines Deck $50.00
Stamp Print Griptape Lemon Stamp Print Griptape $8.00

2: Chris Troy

Chris Troy
Sponsors: Black Label, Independent, Gold Wheels, Altamont, Surf Ride Skate Shop, Bassturd
Hometown: Carlsbad CA
Notes: Big spin front board 270 out on the big rail
Chris Troy Darling Wheels Blue Transparent Chris Troy Darling Wheels $30.00
Chris Troy Darling Wheels White Chris Troy Darling Wheels $30.00

3: Sierra Fellers

Sierra Fellers
Sponsors: SPLIT Clothing, Venture, Foundation, CCS, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Arnette, RPM
Hometown: Whitefish MT
Notes: Frontside big heelflip boardslide on the big ral
Sierra Fellers Pro Sticker N/A Sierra Fellers Pro Sticker $1.00
Sierra Fellers Vato STF V5 Wheels White Sierra Fellers Vato STF V5 Wheels $32.00

4: Kevin Romar

Kevin Romar
Sponsors: Supra, Blind, Shake Junt, Venture, Bones, Happy Hour, Markisa, Furnace Skateshop, Footprint Insoles, Mob grip, Rastaclat, Sol Republic, Andale
Hometown: Cypress CA
Notes: Nollie big spin heel down the double set
Kevin Romar Gamechanger Insoles N/A Kevin Romar Gamechanger Insoles $45.00
Kevin Romar Chain STF V3 Wheels White Kevin Romar Chain STF V3 Wheels $32.00

5: Mikey Burton

Mikey Burton
Sponsors: Girl (flow), The Hundreds, Nike SB, Goods Skateshop
Hometown: Seattle WA
Notes: Switch 360 flip down the double set