Tampa Pro 2004 Vert Finals Results

1: Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG

Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG
Sponsors: Darkstar skateboards, Monster Energy, NB Numeric, Thunder trucks, Gold wheels, Diamond Supply Co, Grizzly griptape, GoPro, Ethika, Boneless pads, Skeleton Key, Koog bar
Hometown: Quebec, Canada
Notes: $5,000

2: Anthony Furlong

Anthony Furlong
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Rockstar, Triple 8, Fuel
Hometown: Tampa FL
Notes: $2,500

3: Neal Hendrix

Neal Hendrix
Sponsors: Vans, Destructo, Type S Wheels, Triple 8
Hometown: Redondo Beach CA
Notes: $2,000

4: Sandro Dias

Sandro Dias
Sponsors: Red Bull, HD, Oakley, Positiv
Hometown: Sao Paulo Brazil
Notes: $1,500

5: Jake Brown

Jake Brown
Sponsors: Independent, Spitfire, SK8Mafia, Laced, Monster
Hometown: Sydney Australia
Notes: $1,000

6: Lincoln Ueda

Lincoln Ueda
Sponsors: Hurley, Adio Footwear, Hosoi Sktbrds, Type-S, Crail, Pro-Tec, CTI, Evoke
Hometown: Costa Mesa CA
Notes: $700

7: Paul Zitzer

Paul Zitzer
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa
Hometown: Louisville KY
Notes: $600

8: Danny Mayer

Danny Mayer
Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Lost, DC Shoe Co, Indy, Type S Wheels, 187 Pads
Hometown: San Diego CA
Notes: $500

9: Mike Crum

Mike Crum
Sponsors: Hurley, Power Footwear, Jessup
Hometown: Long Beach CA
Notes: $250

10: Phil Hajal

Phil Hajal
Sponsors: Type S, Tribal Clothing
Hometown: Gainesville FL
Notes: $100

11: Brian Howard

Brian Howard
Sponsors: Duffs Footwear, Venture, Project, Woodward West, Skatepark of Tampa
Hometown: SC

12: Darren Navarrette

Darren Navarrette
Sponsors: Creature, Spitfire, Independent Trucks & Clothing, Lucky Bearings, Vox Footwear
Hometown: San Diego CA
Darren Navarrette Buzzkill Mini Deck Green Darren Navarrette Buzzkill Mini Deck $50.00

13: Jesse Fritsch

Jesse Fritsch
Hometown: State College PA

14: Rodney Meade

Rodney Meade
Sponsors: SK8ALOT, Performance Ski & Surf, Go-Skate.com
Hometown: Orlando FL

15: Ty Cabaya

Ty Cabaya
Sponsors: Cowboy Punk, Motivated Boards, Eisenberg's, 888
Hometown: Dallas TX