Tampa Pro 2004 Vert Best Trick Results

1: Danny Mayer

Danny Mayer
Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Lost, DC Shoe Co, Indy, Type S Wheels, 187 Pads
Hometown: San Diego CA
Notes: Kickflip 540 ($1000)

2: Paul Zitzer

Paul Zitzer
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa
Hometown: Philadelphia PA
Notes: Frontside heelflip (no grab) ($800)

3: Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG

Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG
Sponsors: Monster, Darkstar, Gold Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Diamond, GoPro,Exo Shop, Skeleton Key Mfg, Grizzly Griptape, Boneless Pads, Ethika
Hometown: Quebec Canada
Notes: Nollie heel indy 360 ($600)

4: Sandro Dias

Sandro Dias
Sponsors: Red Bull, HD, Oakley, Positiv
Hometown: Sao Paulo Brazil
Notes: Double kick judo 540 ($400)

5: Anthony Furlong

Anthony Furlong
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Rockstar, Triple 8
Hometown: Tampa FL
Notes: Nosegrind pop out off the extension ($200)