Tampa Pro 2009 Vert Finals Results

1: Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG

Pierre Luc Gagnon AKA PLG
Sponsors: Darkstar, Osiris, Monster Energy Drink, Diamond, Grizzly Grip, Gold Wheels, GoPro, Journey's
Hometown: Carlsbad Canada

2: Danny Mayer

Danny Mayer
Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, Lost, DC Shoe Co, Indy, Type S Wheels, 187 Pads
Hometown: San Diego CA

3: Marcelo Bastos

Marcelo Bastos
Sponsors: Element, Boneless
Hometown: Sao Paolo Brazil

4: Chris Gentry

Chris Gentry
Sponsors: Proriders.tv, Rock Star Energy Drink, DUB Magazine, OGIO, Dyse One Clothing, Black Fly’s, Balls Deep Boxers, Type S Urethane, Arsenalmx.com, MPC Productions, Southsideskatepark.com
Hometown: Houston / Costa Mesa TX / CA

5: Anthony Furlong

Anthony Furlong
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Rockstar, Triple 8
Hometown: Tampa FL

6: Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor
Sponsors: Skin Industries, 187, Mega Ramp, Ron Jons, Triple 8, Pollin
Hometown: Cocoa Beach FL

7: Lincoln Ueda

Lincoln Ueda
Sponsors: Hurley, Adio Footwear, Hosoi Sktbrds, Type-S, Crail, Pro-Tec, CTI, Evoke
Hometown: Costa Mesa CA
Lincoln Ueda B2 Helmet White Gloss Lincoln Ueda B2 Helmet $42.00

8: Mike Frazier

Mike Frazier
Sponsors: CTI Kneebrace, Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team (flow)
Hometown: Clearwater FL

9: Phil Hajal

Phil Hajal
Sponsors: Type S, Tribal Clothing
Hometown: Gainesville FL

10: Elliot Sloan

Elliot Sloan
Sponsors: Rockstar, Birdhouse, Globe, Triple 8, Bones, Dakine, 187 pads, Mega Ramp, Thunder
Hometown: New York NY