Damn Am Canada 2010 Best Trick Results

1: Matt Berger

Sponsors: Flip, Etnies, BONES Wheels, Monster, Thunder, MOB Grip
Hometown: BC Canada
Notes: Frontside bluntslide backside flip out on the rail, frontside bluntslide backside big spin out on the rail.

2: Brandon Del Bianco

Sponsors: Element Skateboards/Clothing, Venture, Adidas, Bliss Wheels, Vivo Headwear, ISI Eyewear
Hometown: Mississauga ONT, CAN
Notes: Nollie cab flip down the stairs.

3: Dallas Ives

Sponsors: Fallen Canada, Zero Canada, Red Dragon Apparel, Red Bull
Hometown: Windsor
Notes: Switch 270 front board fakie on the rail, switch Barley 180 out on the rail.

4: Paul Flores

Sponsors: Active, Warco Skateboards, Mexico, Lakai
Hometown: Lake Elsinore CA
Notes: Switch frontside flip over the rail.

5: Desmond Hoostie

Sponsors: Adidas, Boulevard Skate Shop, Matix, Think, Venture, Hubba
Hometown: Vancouver Canada
Notes: Bigflip down the stairs.