Damn Am Costa Mesa 2010 Finals Results

1: Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker
Sponsors: Real, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, Vans, Active, Happy Hour, Shake Junt
Hometown: Oklahoma City OK
Kyle Walker Spliced Deck Black/ Orange/ Yellow Kyle Walker Spliced Deck $50.00
Kyle Walker SOTY Party Goat Full Deck Black Kyle Walker SOTY Party Goat Full Deck $50.00

2: Louie Lopez

Louie Lopez
Sponsors: Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Indy, Rockstar Energy, Converse CONS, Spitfire Wheels, Hardies Hardware, Hard Luck Bearings
Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
Louie Lopez End Times Formula Four 99D Conical Wheels White Louie Lopez End Times Formula Four 99D Conical Wheels $34.00

3: Anthony Estrada

Anthony Estrada
Sponsors: Plan B (flow), Silver (flow), FKD, Kush Pops, Silika Glass, Pharmacy
Hometown: Ontario, CA

4: Anthony Schultz

Anthony Schultz
Sponsors: $lave skateboards, Brixton clothing, Pig wheels, Theeve trucks, Active Rideshop, moĆ¼se grip, New Balance Numeric
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA

5: Alec Majerus

Alec Majerus
Sponsors: 3rd Lair, Volcom, adidas, Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks
Hometown: Rochester MN

6: Brodie Penrod

Brodie Penrod
Sponsors: Etnies, Ricta, Mob, Krux Trucks, Key Street, Keen Ramps, Wicked Audio
Hometown: American Fork, UT

7: Tommy Fynn

Tommy Fynn
Sponsors: Stereo, DC Shoes & Clothes, The Bay Skate, Indy, Grizzly Grip, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

8: Boo Johnson

Boo Johnson
Sponsors: DGK, Gold, Pharmacy Boardshop, Thunder, JHF Co., Grizzly Grip, Diamond Footwear, WeedMaps
Hometown: Long Beach CA
Boo Johnson Gang Wheels White Boo Johnson Gang Wheels $30.00
Boo Johnson Cease And Desist Deck White Boo Johnson Cease And Desist Deck $50.00
In Shop Only

9: Tyson Bowerbank

Tyson Bowerbank
Sponsors: DC Shoes, Almost, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones Swiss, Rockstar Energy, Half & Half Skateshop
Hometown: Salt Lake UT

10: Kevin Romar

Kevin Romar
Sponsors: Filament Brand, Blind, Venture, Bones Wheels, Shake Junt, Rastaclat, Andale bearings, Happy Hour Shades, Footprint Insoles
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Kevin Romar Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles N/A Kevin Romar Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles $34.00

11: Jack Olson

Jack Olson
Sponsors: REAL, Spitfire, Thunder, C1RCA, Pyramid Country, 3rd Lair, Bronson Speed Co., Rockstar Energy
Hometown: St. Louis Park, MN

12: Kechaud Johnson

Kechaud Johnson
Sponsors: Etnies, Neff, Kicker, Citystars, Rhythm skateshop, Krux, Ricta wheels
Hometown: Dallas TX