SPoT Skate Shop Staff Recommendations

Meet the SPoT Staff

A place is nothing without its staff. Below is the crew that makes it happen around here and some of the products they like from our Shop.

Michael Blanford

Recommendations from Michael Blanford:

Noah Varney

Sly Sullivan

Paul Zitzer

One of the key persons leading to the creation of SPoT, Paul has always been around in one way or another. In September, we official welcomed Paul as an employee of the park. Catch Paul at all of our events, local & abroad, as well as posting to the blog.

Recommendations from Paul Zitzer:

Derick Glancy

Derick has been with us since mid 2013. He helps with SPoT events, team management and marketing. You can catch him at our events around the world!

Recommendations from Derick Glancy:

Josh Bowser

Recommendations from Josh Bowser:

Brian Schaefer

Schaefer started this place in 1993 and lived here while it got off the ground. Then he went and started a bar in Ybor called The Bricks. Find him there and he'll most likely buy you a beer and then bus your table.

Recommendations from Brian Schaefer: