Meet the SPoT Staff

A place is nothing without its staff. Below is the crew that makes it happen around here and some of the products they like from our Shop.

Pat Daly

Pat joined our team in August of 2014, taking over as lead in maintenance. When not scrubbing soda off the ramps or removing your tags throughout SPoT facilities, you can catch him behind the lens, capturing photos of Tampa locals in the streets. Recommendations from Pat Daly:
Lakai Camby Shoes Independent Stage 11 Standard Truck Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Deck Thrasher Magazine Flame Logo T Shirt Spitfire Anthony Van Engelen Jailbreak Lock-In F1 Streetburner Wheels Bones Bones Swiss Precision Bearings Dakine Limited Edition Dakine X SPoT Atlas Backpack

Ian Perronne

Ian joined our staff in August of 2014. Long time lurker / skater and homie of the park, Ian is currently holding down the snackbar, serving up the best of snacks & soda. Recommendations from Ian Perronne:
Vans AV Classic Shoes Skatepark of Tampa 93' University Coaches Jacket Independent Stage 11 Standard Truck Spitfire Formula Four 99D Classic Shape Wheels Magenta Leo Valls Communication Deck

Jean-Luc Vida

Jean-Luc joined our team as lead videographer in August 14' shortly after premiering his first full length film Florida Rain. You can catch him behind the lens here at the park, in the streets or across the globe at our SPoT Events & Damn Am events. Recommendations from Jean-Luc Vida:
Independent Stage 10.5 Forged Titanium Hollow Trucks Bones Wheels Aaron Jaws Homoki Splat V1 STF Wheels adidas Seeley Shoes adidas Adi Ease 2 Shoes adidas Dennis Busenitz Vulc Shoes Magenta Theories x Magenta Collaboration Deck

Derick Wynn

Derick is the most recent retail staff employee we have. Joining us in November of 2013, he maybe a bit quiet, but his knowledge of product is vast, from the hype to the vague, if you want to know about our goods, he’s got you. Recommendations from Derick Wynn:
Vans Classic Slip-On Unisex Shoes Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Shoes Prospects Productions Static IV DVD Box Set Toy Machine Monster Face Socks Spitfire Formula Four 99D Classic Shape Wheels Dickies Plain Front Work Pants

Jack Loktu

Jack recently came back into town from the West coast and was welcomed back to our family in October of 2013. He handles checking in all products we receive. When not working, he’s holding it down on the hip with a few BS 360 no complies. Recommendations from Jack Loktu:
Skatepark of Tampa Circle City Est. 1993 Premium T Shirt Skatepark of Tampa Axle Washer Skatepark of Tampa 20 Year Anniversary Doughboy 5-Panel Hat Skatepark of Tampa 20 Year Anniversary Doughboy Coozie Skatepark of Tampa 20 Year Anniversary Doughboy T Shirt Skatepark of Tampa Circle City Complete Skatepark of Tampa Circle City Basic T Shirt Matix Camino Woven Shirt Nike SB Lunar Gato Shoe HUF Plantlife Crew Socks

Marino Nicastro

Joining our team in October 2013, Marino's a NJ transplant and can be found in Innetech behind the lens of his Canon, taking photos of all the products that come through our doors. Marino also holds down our SPoT tent at our events on site. Recommendations from Marino Nicastro:
Vans Era Pro Shoes Volcom Frickin Modern Chino Pants Bones Wheels Jared Lucas Weed Babe ATF Wheels Bones Bones Reds Bearings Mob Grip PBR X Mob 12oz Can Griptape Altamont GG Allin Live Fast Die T Shirt Brixton Hamilton Strap-Back Hat Slave Skateboards Junkyard Team Deck Theeve Trucks TiAX Truck Stance 20 Eyes Socks

Denis Frain

As the retail manager, you can find Denis holding it down in the park and SPoT Ybor. Catch him skating at the park or in his town of St. Pete at local parks, and you’ll see how easily he throws around a board. Definitive effortless skating at its best. Recommendations from Denis Frain:
Emerica The Reynolds Low Shoes Skatepark of Tampa Rope Logo Pocket T Shirt Independent Andrew Reynolds Stage 11 GC Hollow Baker Truck Baker Reality Deck Bones Wheels David Gravette Pacifier STF Wheels Bones Bones Reds Bearings Brixton Alan T Shirt Brixton Toil Chino Pants HUF Domestic Raglan 3/4 Sleeve T Shirt Stance Chicano Socks

Chris Reitz

Joining our team in August of 2013, Chris is our lead maintenance member. He ensures that everything from lights to the ramps are 100%. This kid rips, catch him in the streets of Tampa on any given day. Recommendations from Chris Reitz:
Spitfire Ishod Wair Pro Formula Four 99d Wheels Supra Cuba Slip-On Shoes Skate Mental Uzi Does It USA T Shirt 3D Logo Board

Eric McKenney

Eric joined us in August 2013. He’s our Innetech assistant, and makes sure all our online orders get pulled, packed and shipped with love direct from SPoT. If you see him at the park, you’ll realize he can skate in his sleep and still crush a contest. Recommendations from Eric McKenney:
Lakai Brea Shoes Skatepark of Tampa 20 Year Anniversary Doughboy 5-Panel Hat Skatepark of Tampa Tropical Logo Premium T Shirt Independent Stage 10.5 Forged Hollow Trucks Chocolate Marc Johnson Circus Deck Spitfire Formula Four 101D Classic Shape Wheels Bones Super Reds Bearings KR3W (Krew) Fear Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt Mob Grip Perforated Sheet Griptape Stance Chicano Socks

Sebastian Chande

Joining our team in August 2013, Sebastian handles everything on the digital side of SPoT. From the site to our POS, Sebastian won’t be seen on the front lines of retail, but rather working in Innetech behind his laptop, or on the road at registration. Recommendations from Sebastian Chande:
Vans Authentic Lo Pro Unisex Shoes Skatepark of Tampa Rope Logo Pocket T Shirt Thunder Thunder Truck Matix Classic Welder Pants Toy Machine Monster Stripe Socks Spitfire Formula Four 101D Classic Shape Wheels Bones Bones Swiss Precision Bearings Skate Mental Shane O'Neill Cat With Kittens Deck Polar Skateboards Roller Derby T Shirt Polar Skateboards Skate Wizards 2.0 Deck

Andy Johnson

Andy comes from over a decade of retail experience and even more than a decade of skating. You can find him holding it down in the shop or behind the grill at our events. He's a positive guy and takes customer service very seriously. Recommendations from Andy Johnson:
DC Shoe Co. Wes Kremer S Shoes Matix Manderson Chino Pants Matix Manderson Chino Pants Matix Manderson Chino Pants Spitfire Mike Anderson SFW Wheels Krooked Mark Gonzales Skrillz To Pay Bills Deck adidas Mark Gonzales Crew Socks HUF Genuine Shoes Stance Wu Tang Crew Socks Loud Headphones Mike Anderson Comfy Earbuds

Michael Andruzzi

Michael is our most recent Shop employee and joins on the same day as Ace and Derick. Introduce yourself next time you stop by and quiz him on anything skateboard related. He'll pass. Recommendations from Michael Andruzzi:
Emerica Leo Laced Shoes Vans Stage 4 Shoes Vans Core Basics Beanie Vans Anthony Van Engelen AV Native American Shoes Expedition One Mate Short Sleeve Henley Pocket T Shirt Venture Superlite Truck Bones Wheels David Gravette Number 5 STF Wheels KR3W (Krew) Erik Ellington K Slim Chino Pants Slave Skateboards Corporate Deck Stance Wu Tang Crew Socks

Derick Glancy

Derick joined us in May of last year. He holds it down in the shop and on the street course. One of the nicest dudes out. Be sure to introduce yourself the next time you're in the shop. Recommendations from Derick Glancy:
Vans Stage 4 Shoes Independent Eric Koston Stage 10.5 Forged Hollow Truck Bones Bones Reds Bearings Lowcard Magazine Shotgun Beers T Shirt Cliche Bon Voyage Keystone Deck HUF Hawaiian Volley 5-Panel Strap-Back Hat Stance Larry Bird NBA Legend Crew Socks Dickies Slim Straight Work Pants

Chris Preston

Chris joins the staff in Feb 2013 as our new product photographer and all things artsy like flyers, logos, and other design work keeping new things looking tight and slowly updating old, not so beautifully designed things we've done in the past. Recommendations from Chris Preston:
Skatepark of Tampa SPoT Full Clip Fold Beanie Skatepark of Tampa 20 Year Anniversary Doughboy T Shirt Independent Stage 11 Standard Truck Bones Wheels Ben Raybourn Suas STF Wheels Bones Bones Swiss Precision Bearings Nike Team Edition Shoes Creature Skateboards Juggz D Cup Deck Mob Grip SPoT x Mob City Star Die-Cut Griptape adidas Gonz T Shirt Deathwish Jon Dickson Dolls Deck

Luke Pallone

Luke just started in the Shop in late April 2012. Introduce yourself next time you're in there. Welcome to the SPoT Staff, Luke! Work on gettin' that boneless on lock. Recommendations from Luke Pallone:
Vans Old Skool Unisex Shoes Skatepark of Tampa Scotty Conley Limited Edition Human Hair Socks Independent Stage 11 Forged Trucks Black Label Top Shelf Metal Deck Black Label Chris Troy High Voltage Deck OJ 3 Jake Johnson Pro 101A Wheels Dickies Slim Straight Leg Work Chino Pants

Sam Bellipanni

Sam holds down the snack bar and you can catch him in the shop as well. He makes it look easy on a board with a bag of tricks like no other. He also maybe the guy to teach you how to kickflip during a skate lesson. Recommendations from Sam Bellipanni:
Volcom Frickin Modern Stretch Chino Pants Independent Andrew Reynolds Stage 11 GC Hollow Baker Truck Fourstar Legend Air Freshener Bones Wheels Hardcore Medium Bushings Stance Gable Socks Theories Morning Star T Shirt Beats By Dre Beats Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Tom McKessy

Tom has worked at the park longer than most here. He is an integral part of the company. You can catch him behind the counter at SPoT and SPoT Ybor, or just ripping through 7th in Ybor City. Recommendations from Tom McKessy:
Vans Bedford Shoes Vans Lindero Shoes Skatepark of Tampa Established Jeans Independent Stage Ten Standard Truck Anti-Hero Frank Gerwer Before & After Deck Spitfire Spitfire X Skatepark of Tampa Wheels #1 Mob Grip 20 Year Anniversary Doughboy Griptape OJ 3 Hot Juice 78a Cruiser Wheels HUF Shortstop 6-Panel Strap-Back Hat

Josh Wilson

Josh re-joined us in May of 2014, assisting with retail. Having experience with everything from the snackbar to filming during the Tampa Pro live broadcast, you'll definitely see him all around SPoT. Recommendations from Josh Wilson :
Converse Chuck Taylor Pro Skate OX Shoes Independent Stage 11 Standard Truck Spitfire Mike Anderson Shaped Wheels Bones Bones Swiss Precision Bearings Levis Skate 504 Straight 5-Pocket Jeans

Brian Schaefer

Schaefer started this place in 1993 and lived here while it got off the ground. Then he went and started a bar in Ybor called The Bricks. Find him there and he'll most likely buy you a beer and then bus your table. Recommendations from Brian Schaefer:
Real Justin Brock About To Roll Deck Real Peter Ramondetta About To Roll Deck Toy Machine Monster Face Socks Toy Machine Turtle Boy Socks Spitfire Andrew Allen Signature Wheels Fourstar Collective Denim Jeans Fourstar Chara Long Sleeve Shirt Fourstar Art Dump 15 Years Coleman T Shirt Brixton Brigg Jacket Brixton Capo Plaid Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

Meet the Damn Am / SPoT Events teams

Home Team:

Brian Schaefer

Public Relations

Sebastian Chande

Event Registration
Digital Everything

Frank Branca

Team Manager
SPoT Life

Mikah Collins

Project Manager

Sam Bellipanni

Skate Team
Retail Team

Dylan Perry

Skate Team

Alex Bowers


Chris Preston

SPoT Private Label
Graphic Artist

Away Team:

Paul Zitzer

James Craig

Tim O'Connor

Jeff Pang

Chris Pastras

Vern Laird

Brad Staba

Eric Koston

Andrew Cannon

Ed Selego

Kyle Berard

Jared Lucas

Pat Stiener

Jason Rothmeyer

Mike Sinclair

Dan Pensyl

John Muldoon

Justin Williams

Eric Mercier

Alex Moul

Bob Reynolds

Clint Peterson

Gabe Clement

Steve Stratton

Matt Milligan

Wade Attardo

Blair Alley