Deathwish Demo 2008 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Deathwish Demo 2008

Posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 by Angel

Photos by Angel Carela and Barak Wiser

Ellington takes over my computer to work on Lizard’s new graphic while Greco, Dollin, and Atiba take over my couch
Lizard and Greco check out my wall of boards while Shane puts the new Shake Junt tees in order. New video coming soon!
Dustin was making fun of GNARLY DEATH SKULL's show flyer by asking, “Sick name, can’t they get some Photoshop?” Atiba saying “WTF” to Erik’s new shoe color-way
Dustin asked me to design his new shoe for Vans. Not sure if he was drunk or not on that one…hmmm. Slash is pushing the Deathwish
The Body and Shane on the mic for the night
Albert Madrid - frontside nosegrind
All I know about this kid is that he's from Australia and he rips. Bo on a back 180 nosegrind
Lenoce - nollie half-cab heel
Slash - kickflip front board
Ellington - bigspin front board
Greco - back lip
Lizard King - frontside hurricane
Lizard King - half cab 5-0 bs 180 out
From high to low - Lizard King on a Rob Meronek-approved meron grab
Lizard King - bs 180 ollie one-footed
Lizard King - airwalk
The crowd ready for the product toss
Atiba gets in on the product tossing frenzy. He's aiming that hat straight for the Big Ass Fan
Greco decides to throw his used board in the mix
Kids gather for the team autograph signing in the Snack Bar. (L to R) Antwuan Dixon, Dustin Dollin, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, and Atiba Jefferson behind the camera
Jeff Lenoce and Beagle keeping it G CODE signing Dunks
Antwuan's tattoo update
Lizard King - tapping a crooks to fakie
Footage from Barak:


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