A Tour of the Dean Guitars Factory Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Tour of the Dean Guitars Factory

Posted on Saturday, March 7, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

This is the lobby
That one's carved up like a statue
We're rolling through the offices now and meeting some of the employees. Wow, that's a super old SPoT deck. He has a Slipknot shirt on. Double wow
Clem approves of this ax
The warehouse is huge
Some of their guitars are made overseas. When they come in, it's these guys' jobs to jam on them to make sure they're all good
Of course you need the Lambo to be a true rocker
This wood machine carves out the necks
That's Curse from the Marketing Department. Looks like they're carving out some new ones here
This machine carves out the base
Protect ya neck
The whole time the guitar pieces are getting sanded, this vacuum thing below the work stations is sucking up the sawdust, running it through tubes in the roof, and dropping it all right here in these large bags
Curse is showing us one of their new signature models in mid-production
They make some crazy custom guitars. I can't remember which musician this one is for
The musician's notes on what he wants done to his guitar
This reminds me so much of a skateboard factory
Hippies love peace signs and guitars
This is their customer showroom
You can start a bitchin' hair band with these
The detail on some of the custom guitars is amazing
The don't just make the hair band guitars. Thanks for the tour and thanks for contributing some amazing axes for Tampa Pro prizes. Check out DeanGuitars.com for more from them


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