Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll All Ages Contest 2009

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2009 by Ryan

Photos - Michael Derewenko
Captions - Ryan Clements

Thanks to everyone for the support with the Spring Roll Presented by DVS [Full Results]. From the parents to the participants to the free hot dogs and burgers (yum) to the Red Bull girls to Jeron Wilson, Andrew Brophy, Torey Pudwill, Mikemo, Gabe Clement, and Ryan Langhorne hanging out all day...it was yet another fun All Ages Contest at Skatepark of Tampa. Here are a couple of Honorable Mentions:

- $250 Travel Voucher courtesy of Red Bull to Marcus Gause for going above and beyond for his boys, Kai and Bong, and supporting skateboarding more than any father would be expected to do
- $250 Travel Voucher courtesy of Red Bull to Dan at Graffiti Skate Zone for many, many years of entering 20+ skaters in EVERY SINGLE All Ages Contest we host

One of the Hunger's on a 50-50 up the escalator
I think this kid's name is Jacob Blue - ollie over the pyramid
And we thought the whole time that Derewenko was just sitting there with his camera, not pushing the button. Silly us. Hunger boardslide
Girls Division winners - Marlee on the right there really looks like she thinks we're wasting her time
9-12 Division winners. This is a good time to say 'thanks' to all of the parental support that was there during the Spring Roll
It was Ava Sykes' first contest ever and she go 6th place. Even though only top five got trophies, we still called her up there for some recognition and a hi-five. She turned around and saw the trophies and said, "I want that one." Boy was it tough explaining to her that she didn't get one this time
Who dat on the hardflip? I can tell you that the judges from L to R are Pat Stiener, Ian Gow, Big Al Russell, Ryan Dillow, and John Gow, who all did a very fine job. Thanks fellas
This kid piled super-hard on the flat bar and got racked in the middle of his run. He thought we were calling out there to take the rest of his run, but we were giving him a DVS Shoe Certificate
The board-toss battle between these two kids went on long enough that they did a battle of Paper, Scissors, Rocks to determine the winner
I have no idea who this kid is or what trick he is doing, but it's a very "green" photo
That's a damn good looking back lip there kid. Mike's flash on the upper right corner makes it look like the sun was inside the building on Saturday. I guess we can't call him "Darkwenko" anymore
He might look mean, kids, but Allen Russell is a really nice guy that has attained living legend status at Skatepark of Tampa
You probably don't know this, but Sean Jeffries nollied into this noseblunt slide
This kid was like, "Yeah, I got purple shoes. Yeah, I got a fs 180 over the pyramid."
Oh cab kickflip, who is it that performed you, you excellent maneuver you?
I hope this noseslide didn't come up short like his shorts were coming up
Alex Pellegrino about to engage in a frontside lipslide with Kniblet and Jeffries following in hot pursuit
Who is that squeezing every last inch out of that feeble grind?
This is the tail end of a one-foot ollie, but who is executing it?
Jamie Foy is ripping, but give him a few years to grow up and he's going to be killing it. Crooked grind on the handrail
That's me, Clem, on the left, saying a bunch of nice stuff to Dan from Graffiti Skate Zone. Thanks again for all of the years of support, Dan
DMFP on a gap to bs lipslide
Who are you Mr. FS Salad Grind?
Although I recognize this kid from Graffiti Skate Zone, I still don't know his damn name. Sorry kid, but nice fs noseslide
Derewenko said, "You guys can crack on me on the mic all day, but I get the last laugh with the photos." Considering this portrait of Body, Derewenko wasn't joking
I'll say...everyone gets a gangsta' hug that is down with SPoT, but what I really wanted to say was...I bet that Scotty is trying to eat Marcus Gause's ear because he only ate three hot dogs and four burgers and was still hungry
Dalton Dern, ATV ripper and member of the Dern Family who are the creators of our trophies, on a gap to fs 50-50
L to R Sponsored rippers - Timmy Knuth (1st), Scooter (hanging out), Sean Jeffries (3rd), Alex Pellegrino (2nd - almost the winner though), DMFP (4th), and Jereme Knibbs (5th)
Kniblet catching a big-ass kickflip
This photo of Pellegrino's bs lipslide could win the "most symmetrically balanced" award...if there was one
Sean Jeffries going big with this gap to fs lipslide
Back tail shuvs, yo'


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