A Random Week Around SPoT and Tampa Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Week Around SPoT and Tampa

Posted on Saturday, June 20, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Ian Gow is the latest recipient of a Case of the Mondays. Welcome to Innetech. That's a half cab crooked grind while I spy from the sidelines
Alex is also new to the SPoT staff working under the supervision of the Snack Czar, Scotty the Body Conley. Don't serve my pizza with that bloody hand, Alex
I spy the Snack Czar in this SPoT employee meeting photo. There are now four girls on staff at SPoT. Kelly just turned 18. Welcome to legalism
Speaking of legalism, back in Frosty's Dungeon, the sauce is flowing after work
The Zoo York video was super good. Full blown applause after every part, especially Ron Deily (switch bluntslide to front noseslide on a ledge), Matt Miller (switch flip backside noseblunt slide on a bench), and of course, Zered
People rent the Park out for parties all the time. You may have noticed the worst flyer we've ever made hanging around the park promoting them. At this party, special shirts were made. Raquelle must have some pretty cool parents. They spelled SPoT the right way too. Our local skate magazine can't even do that
Later that night in Ybor at the Reax Mag space, FSEC Member Craig Kaths had an art show. It's always nice to see my non-skateboard friends at these little shindigs. Check out some of Craig's technique here
Clements is out with his motorcycle hair and glasses strap as usual. That's Brandon Dunlap with him. Both Brandon and Craig have some pretty amazing work. Check out some of Brandon's work here
Schaefer and Craig Kaths appear to be in a serious discussion about Craig's work. Schaefer has always been a supporter of local art and has plenty of work in his place. I should be, too. You should be, too
Of course, Officer Doofy has to roll up hot. Maybe it's because Matt Selego, Craig, and Eric were hitting the flask homeless style out front?
Our last order of business for the night was to go and check out Rob Dyrdek's movie, Street Dreams, which opened tonight in Tampa. Since it's not at the Ybor theater, we have to take care of the sauce ourselves
I think the film was actually pretty good, parts of it were pretty funny, and as real as you can make a movie. Good job, Rob


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