How Loco Can You Get? Manny Mania Miami Article at Skatepark of Tampa

How Loco Can You Get? Manny Mania Miami

Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2009 by Steve

By Steve Ayers aka Stalker Steve

Dylan spent the night on Porpe's porch after winning the Partying Contest Friday night
Dylan Perry and TJ Sparks dealing with the rain before the Contest
Chris Blake crooked most of the flatbar early in the day
Brad Cromer - tailslide to nose manual
Sam Bianchini, half cab nose manual nollie bigspin out
Richie Zuczek, nollie 180 switch manual to switch front board
Joel Meinholz helped a girl shooting photos find an angle by taking her camera and hopping up on a chair
The judges deciding on who goes to the Semi-Finals
Aaron Collier - backside flip nose manual
Richie Zuczek - backside tailslide nose manual
Bert Wooten - frontside 180 no comply to switch manual
We broke down on Alligator Alley in the Everglades. Dylan found a weed to put in his mouth and posted up
Scott got in a quick tag while figuring out how we could replace our shredded back tire
Dylan Perry, frontside boardslide in Sarasota when we stopped to fill up the Clem 350
Chad Tim Tim and Bam Margera sign some autographs for the litany of fans
Bam still draws a crowd
At least 300 people were in line at all times the entire afternoon to get autographs
Element or die!
While Clements and Rob were getting Xified in LA, we went on a quick trip to Miami to ride skateboards on two wheels as opposed to four. After Jorge barreled down I-75 we made great time getting to Downtown Miami. Josh Stewart caught a ride with us and upon noticing how ghetto this one block of Downtown was he said, "This reminds me of National Lampoon's Vacation where they get off an exit in Detroit and get 'Honkie Lips' spray painted on their car." However, when we got to our hotel, a Hilton, everything changed. There was nothing project-oriented about it. It had an outdoor lobby. It had valet. It had everything and more. And it all cost a grotesque sum of money to enjoy it. I got to the room and went to check my e-mail. Apparently Hilton's internet is $10 a day. Jorge found a similar roadblock when he was told parking was $50 for the Clem-350.

Pulling into the Contest, I wasn't sure what to expect given the circumstances. Red Bull's known for some lavish Contest ideas. This wasn't an exception and they concocted the idea to have this year’s Floridian stop on the Manny Mania Tour on a sound stage in Downtown Miami. While it was sort of a trip to skate in an environment like that, the cool temperature was amazing. I think a lot of people barely even broke a sweat, except Dango, but he was trying a manual 360 flip out on the banked part of the manual pad for 30 minutes or so and really going for it. But still, not sweating in Miami in July? That’s unheard of, and thanks for that, Red Bull.

RB Umali was the filmer for this event and he had an idea for lighting that would give more unique looking footage. It involved big lights on a few areas around the perimeter of the course. I always dread going somewhere and seeing fluorescent lights; they make photos look weird a lot of times. The lighting RB negotiated was a really pleasant surprise.

Once the Contest got in full swing it was pretty much non stop until the final seconds, which was when things got really intense. Let me explain how the Contest works. There were eight, five minute heats with five guys in each heat. They had five minutes of practice before official time started and five minutes of timed skating in a heat. In a few cases everyone got one more try when the tricks were especially righteous. It was a good, quick, and efficient way to run the Contest. Porpe, still with a nasty knee injury, couldn't skate. Dylan came along but didn't get in on the Contest. TJ Sparks caught a ride down there with us, but I don't think he entered either. RayRay came and did a couple tricks in his heat, but didn't advance to the Semi-Finals. Pat came and entered, but also didn't advance. Stephen Buggica came and filmed everything, so look out for that footage on here as well.

The Finals were between Bert Wooten, Cody Lucas, and Aaron Collier, all of which had impressive tricks. Bert was ollieing off of the wave onto the circle pad separated from the rest of the manual pad and manualing it and doing frontside no complies to switch manuals. Aaron landed a backside flip from the manual pad onto the circle pad to a nose manual and Cody Lucas hardflipped into a manual on the circle pad. It was a very intense five minutes.

Finally, Aaron Collier won, Bert Wooten came in 2nd, and Cody Lucas came in 3rd. Bert also won Best Trick with a feeble to nose manny shuv it.

Thanks to Red Bull for putting us in the Hilton, Porpe for driving us down there, and Miami for being such a great city. See you all next time!


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