DC King of Series at SPoT 2009 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

DC King of Series at SPoT 2009

Posted on Saturday, August 15, 2009 by Rob

Photos and captions by Rob Meronek
Footage by David Stoessel

The first thing I saw when walking out onto the street course was the super weird looking nollie front foot flip. Thanks, Mike Mo. That's Blake Kovarik looking like an old man trying to kickflip
Kass Plummer - fakie flip. Wouldn't it look way better if it was a fakie back foot flip? Nope
Sean Jeffries - frontside feeble
Jacob Krajewski - serious thigh sweat. Yep, it's hot here in Florida
Shane Hire is keeping the crook back lip alive and well. I'm only going to show you the crook part, though. Don't want to offend anyone
Who was it back in the day that used to always grab their tail on feeble grinds? Blake Kovarik should do that here to match up the bag of tricks with the nollie front foot flip
Nick Blanco has a unique looking nollie flip
Robbie Kirkland is back in town. That's a backside big flip brought all the way around to forward. Switch the b with an n and you now know why we commonly refer to this trick as the Kenny Hughes spin
Baby Dyson Ramones, Daniel Arias, made the cut to the Finals. That's a lipslide
Wow, another nollie front foot flipper. Eric Weingart is doing this one to manual
Lil' Timmy Knuth - switch manual
Mike Espinosa - switch 360 flip. Must be nice when that's your go-to trick
Ray Ray - frontside 180 fakie manual
Somehow the Black Label team went from looking like a box of Saltines to full blown ethnic diversity. Yonnie Cruz is now getting stuff from the Label
Baby Dyson made this kickflip frontside 50-50 right before the jam ended. Kickflipping into this trick looks good. Kickflipping out, not so much. It works kind of like how the foot you choose to flip your board with on a nollie
CJ Reed is going to 360 shuv it out of this crooked grind
Johnny Scheniux - back lip
Who dat? He's in the middle of my worst nightmare on a skateboard and the main reason I've always been scared of round rails
Who dat? He recovered from the front 5-0 slip out
Jason Gallagher - frontside flip
Shane Hire - nollie big spin
I was with Dylan Perry when he bought that shirt in Amsterdam a couple years ago. That's a front blunt across to fakie
Lil' Timmy Knuth will be kickflipping into crooked grinds in no time. For now, Clint Bestwick just takes it down the stairs
Who dat? Varial heel. UPDATE: It's Nick Blanco
Tommy Presley - nollie flip with the non-gross foot to nose manual
Tommy Presley - nollie crooked grind
Ray Ray - 360 flip
Brent Sowinski won the Contest. That's a nollie 360 flip
Nick Zizzo - feeble grind
Someone thought Mike Goodwine was the dude in the Recyle ad. Two different people for sure. Thanks to Pat Stiener, Mike Goodwine, and Fat Bob for judging
I only eat hot dogs at Skatepark of Tampa, but today, I had to skip it. Thanks anyway, Body. Looks like there's no one else here to eat the dogs so they're all you
If you've ever been to the Snack Bar, you might know the pool table gangstaz here
Robbie Kirkland - switch 360 flip
Jereme Knibbs - kickflip
Here's a sequence of Jereme's kickflip
Look where you're going on crooked grinds like TJ Sparks. Right outside this photo on the right is last place. That's where TJ's going. Oh well, he was hurt so next time he won't be DFL
Baby Dyson - bluntslide
Nick Zizzo - back lip front shuv
Brent Sowinski - nollie cab flip
Who dat? Feeble grind
Shane Hire - FSNG
Nick Zizzo - noseblunt slide
Brent Sowinski - switch back heel
Left to right: 4th: Jereme Knibbs, 1st: Brent Sowinski, 3rd: Yonnis Molina, 2nd: Nick Zizzo, 5th: Daniel Arias. Brent wins a trip to DC King of Chicago and gets picked up at the airport by Josh Kalis. See you there

Here are the full results:

Qualifier Results

1st: Nick Zizzo
2nd: Jereme Knibbs
3rd: Brent Sowinski
4th: Daniel Arias
5th: Yonnis Molina
6th: Sean Jeffries
7th: Tommy Presley
8th: Johnny Scheniux
9th: Mike esponiza
10th: Robbie Kirkland
11th: Jason Gallaghe
12th: Dylan Perry
13th: Chris Jata
14th: Ray Ray
15th: Eric Weingart
16th: Yonnie Cruz
17th: Nathan Kona
18th: Blake Kovarik
19th: Timmy Thompson
20th: Rene Perez
21st: Nick Blanco
22nd: Cory Falls
23rd: Brent Riley
24th: Favian Kona
25th: Chris Coogan
26th: CJ Reed
27th: Kass Plumber
28th: Shane Hire
29th: Jacob Krajewski
30th: Brian Adams
31st: Lazaro reyes
32nd: Clint Bestwick
33rd: Eric McKenney
34th: Will Collazo
35th: TJ Sparks

Final Results

1st: Brent Sowinski
2nd: Nick Zizzo
3rd: Yonnis Molina
4th: Jereme Knibbs
5th: Daniel Arias


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