Lakeland Costume Mini Ramp Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Lakeland Costume Mini Ramp Jam

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Pat Stiener and Polk County party dynamo Matt Dockery invited me out to Lakeland for a pre-Halloween costume mini-ramp jam. It was held at a sick backyard mini in south Lakeland. Costumes were enforced. Highlights included Matt Dockery as Donald Trump, someone came as Serpico, and Pat Stiener came as Quail Man from the cartoon Doug. Here are the photos, and if you're bummed you missed this costumed skate jam, come to SPoT on Halloween for our Vert is Dead Contest.

Donald Trump has pretty good ramp skills. Matt Dockery, ollie to fakie

Donald Trump, Death to Taxes, and Serpico

Donald Trump, backside disaster

Quail Man, Pat Stiener, back tail with a hernia

Fred Flintstone was there

Quail Man and Mike Goodwine, whose costume was "Polk County"

Polk County, Mike Goodwine, frontside grind

Goodwine was in character. Drinking the cheapest beer available all night, and even pretending like he didn't know how to skate

I guess it's no big deal if you slam and you're a skeleton

Donald Trump, Matt Dockery, kickflip to fakie

A Clockwork Orange, Aaron Austin, front feeble

Polk County learned to skate a little more later on into the night

A Clockwork Orange, Aaron Austin, front tailslide

The party was pretty lively by this time of night

Quail Boy snagged a Mexican wrestler

Brandon Knowles, whose costume was more last minute than mine, 5-0 to fakie

A Clockwork Aaron decided to start skating drunk, in his size and a half too big boots

A Clockwork Aaron, back tailslide

Thugish Brandon Knowles, blunt to fakie

Aaron Austin, impromptu break dancing, no big deal

Beer garden

I came out from inside the house and saw Death to Taxes soaked from jumping in the pool and on a party rampage

The house is rented, so she wanted him to sign a waiver before he did anything else crazy

Death to Taxes was hollering "Party! Hey, you! PARTY!" amongst other, more colorful expressions

"Oh my God! I PARTYYYY!!!"

Frontside nosegrind courtesy of Aaron still kicking it in those boots

I left the party on a high note when this guy jumped into the pool

Pat Stiener with a full cab no comply


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