Vert is Dead. Oh, Well. It's Halloween, Let's Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vert is Dead. Oh, Well. It's Halloween, Let's Party

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2009 by Rob

Stalker Steve's Photos, Captions, and Story: Vert, the Departed

The night before the Contest I shot some photos. Dylan front crooked to fakie the tranny to ledge with ease

Jacob whipped out this maneuver on the quarter-pipe - one footer to fakie hang-up

Wizard just wore his normal gear

The Body had a Hangover

Barak was that pilot that flew 150 miles past the flight destination because he was on his lap top

Porpe assisted Clem in his Flight of the Conchords costume

Clem was Jemaine, the mayne in Flight of the Conchords

Jay and Silent Justin. Adam Kearly and Justin Ryan held down Innetech with an awesome costume

Alejandro Burnell did the quick foot ollie up to airwalk off the box

Cameron Miller had a kickflip to fakie

Alejandro - frontside axle drop

Top two of the "Other" division

Brandon Bristol was Stuart from Mad TV - backside crooks

Captain Gnar - feeble

I forgot this kid's costume. Skateboard king? Front board

Brandon Bristol - proper blunt to fakie

Captain Gnar, front smith

Who dat? Frontside nosegrind

I think this kid was Zach Braff from Scrubs. Back smith

Bristol pulled this front smith 180 out of nowhere

Top three from the Sponsored division

Porpe felt like putting on a show after the Contest and got called out to drop in on vert. Good job, bud!

Rob Meronek's Photos and Captions

So there were more employees than people in the Contest today

You know what you're doing with that baby?

What? I've found babies before.


Coffee Bean

Wizard Smoke didn't even wear a costume

Guess which one is Abdias Rivera

First place in the Intermediate Division with a gansta lean accidental manny, Cameron Miller

Alejandro Brunell was the only other kid in the Intermediate Division, so the old saying from Ricky Bobby applies, "If you ain't first, yer last."

Running the Nontest from on top of the toumbstone

Results from the "Other" Division were 1 Ricky Vipperman, 2 Cristan Lesh, 3 Jacob Krajewski, 4 Davelle, 5 Brandon Bristol, 6 Shane Mullins, and 7 Tony Ahedo. This is one of them, but I'm not sure who

I don't know who that is either

Who Dat? is killing it in this Nontest

You can tell how bad that coping is from all the way over here

I believe that's the guy from Mad TV or something

I'm stuck with these slanty eyes so I used them as part of my costume. By day I was The Nuge and by night I was kung fu guy. In the same reasoning, Stalker Steve is stuck with these busted ass tats so he used them as part of his costume, a Bushnell redneck

Alright, vert's dead, but Halloween isn't. Let's get out of here and party. Looks like I'm not the kung fu guy. Cheeta Chad is Chuck Norris approved

I'm at Mike Goodwine and Cheeta Chad's art show right now. That's some of Cheeta's work

This piece in amazing detail was done entirely with a ballpoint pen

I never figured out who the Transformer was with Mike Goodwine, Lt Dangle

I'm slacking on the foot fetishes

Is that one of Goodwine's women?

Eric, Matt Selego, and Pat Stiener - all too cool to dress up

It's now Halloween night in Ybor City and I'm rolling with these partying pregnant chicks, daddy hillbilly, and Pinocchio

It's time for your standard shot of sauce to get things really loose

Partying pregnant ladies and daddy hillbilly got on the bar and danced at that one place. Yeah, we had no real plans so ended up in here


That nose went to plenty of inappropriate places

I spy a member of the FSEC

The most legit R2D2 I've ever seen

Did The Senator get a tan?

More inappropriate nose poking. That's Mama from Reservoir Bar - thanks for the liquids

The Ybor City Trolley is the worst form of public transportation in any city I've ever visited. I think I can run home faster than this thing. Good night, everyone


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