Go Skateboarding Day Benefiting Boards for Bros Costa Rica Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Go Skateboarding Day Benefiting Boards for Bros Costa Rica

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2011 by Porpe

By Porpe

Red Bull's Wings Team was at our Go Skateboarding Day Presented by Emerica. We also hosted a Gold Wheels Best Trick Contest.
Scotty "The Body" Conley was holding down the mic while Forsty was just holding it down.
Skater Profile: Scotty Conley aka The Body
Throughout the day we were selling $1 raffel tickets with all the proceeds going to Boards for Bros. This kid was the lucky winner of an Anti-Hero Peter Hewitt deck.
The last raffle of the day we gave out two free weeks to Woodward certificates. This lucky kid had the winning ticket.
Not only did we let everyone skate for free with a donation of any used hardgood to Boards for Bros, but we also hosted a Best Trick Contest Presented by Gold Wheels.
Skater Profile: Jordi Zapata
Jordi Zapata with an ollie up the stairs.
Skater Profile: Jordi Zapata
Here we have AJ Dall hanging on to a backside bigspin down the stairs.
Skater Profile: AJ Dall
AJ Dall also hung on to this 90's classic, the pressure flip.
Skater Profile: AJ Dall
Nick Wallace hot off his win in the 9 - 12 Division in the School’s Out Jam. Here he has a backside flip down the stairs.
Skater Profile: Nick Wallace
Nick Wallace with a kickflip wallride.
Skater Profile: Nick Wallace
Winners from the 14 & Under Division in the Gold Wheels Best Trick.
The 14 & Up Division was packed. We had to give them 10 minutes going down the stairs and another 10 minutes going up the stairs.
I know you're looking at these photos saying they're blurry and out of focus. Well, here is some more of my bad photography skills with a sequence that I started to shoot late. Jake Mills did this half cab boardslide 270 out pretty proper, so I had to use it.
Skater Profile: Jake Mills
Here is another sequence where I started to shoot too late, but this trick was so good I had to use it. Here we have Dimitri Rangos with a fakie ollie switch front nose 270 shuv it out.
Skater Profile: Dimitri Rangos
Punx not dead. Need I say more?
Jereme Knibbs kills it. He was messing around the whole time and doing trick after trick. He is definitely one of my favorite subjects to shoot because unlike myself, he lands tricks quickly. Here is a half-cab flip wallride.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Jereme Knibbs with a properly executed fakie flip wallride.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
Here is Jereme displaying more of his skill with this half cab to back smith.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
We had to give prizes to top five because there were too many good tricks going down. You saw what Jake, Dimitri, and Jereme did. All the way to the left is Tyler Radford. Unfortunately, I missed his backside flip up the four stair. In the center is Niko Mitsakes, and he threw down a bigflip front board down the rail.
There was a good turn out and thank you for those who came to our little Go Skateboarding Day shindig. Maybe next year we will cause a ruckus like in years prior.
Go Skateboarding Day happened to be the week that I was off to Costa Rica for a well needed vacation. Clements knows a guy named Ricardo who helps a ministry in a Costa Rican slum. I felt like it would be the perfect opportunity to spread the love of skateboarding.
This is Brendan Blowers and Steve Edwards. They help run the youth ministry in the burro that I went to. This is the learning center where the kids build computers from used parts.
Here is the slab of concrete where the kids have everything you need to skate.
That duffel bag I was carrying was really heavy. It had enough parts to make 10 completes for the kids to use.
Some of the kids have never put a board together, so it was a nice learing experience for them.
The Jesus quote that is on the wall translates to "All who drinks this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks the water I shall give will turn into a wellspring of eternal life that shows itself."
Team work makes the dream work.
Here are a couple of kids gripping their very first boards.
We had a little assembly line going.
I found an old board of mine that kids have been using.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
DMFG is worldwide.
After we built the completes it was time to skate.
Looking good with those Emerica shades on.
This is my new friend Andres. He is 13-years-old and his favorite skater is David Gonzalez. He surprised me with his talent. He beat me in SKATE, which isn't really saying much since I don't have that many flip tricks. I hope to see him competing in Tampa Am one day.
We got a little doubles action going. I am going to start a blog one day called backside d's around the world.
Here is Andres with a kickflip fakie.
This little guy was getting brave with this big hill bomb.
I had a great time skating with this group of kids.
There is plenty of rain in Costa Rica, so when the session is over you have to put the ramps away.
A big thank you goes out to Steve Edwards for helping me coordinate this Boards for Bros adventure in Costa Rica.
We have a new SPoT prospect. Never know, maybe one day there will be a SPoT Costa Rica, or even better, Damn Am Costa Rica. Let's make it happen fellas!


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