Free Day Presented by So Rad Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Free Day Presented by So Rad

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 by Porpe

By Porpe

This is an interesting grip job. SWAG!
Whatever helps your backside flips. SWAG!
That guy holding the camera is Joey Brezinski. The guy who is slightly blurred was his personal assistant for the day.
Joey battled this manual up laser out for a good half hour. Please take note on Clements’ filming technique.
Joey took over the Park for the day.
Joey is on the Grizzly Grip program.
Kyle over at So Rad was pressing hats for the kids.
I was grill master. The kid is eying down the burgers and hotdogs.
Joey had a good time skating.
Clements' newfound hobby, videography.
Pumas? Hmmm...are they making a move into the skate game?
After many years of roaming the Ybor streets, Yonnie Cruz is officially an Ybor resident. Here he has a switch front board.
After Joey landed his trick, he decided we should have a Best Kickflip Contest off the marble ledge. Here is Sebastian Vargas with a properly done kickflip.
I'm not sure who this is, but he also had a proper kickflip.
Here is the kid that won the Best Kickflip Contest. This was actually a double flip, and I swear I don't even think he meant to land on his board.
Joey is heavy on the social networking and makes an edit everywhere he goes.
Thank you Joey Brezinski and So Rad for hosting our Free Day at SPoT.
If you were in this crowd, thank you for coming out. Until next year...

Joey's Footage


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