Agenda NYC 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Agenda NYC 2011

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2011 by Rob

By Ryan Clements

Justin and I got the opportunity to head to NYC a few weeks ago for Agenda. Colin found out and wanted to meet us up there for some work and good times, too. We flew in an entire day early to skate around and experience the City life.

Justin’s first experience in First Class. It’s great when it works out like that.
Aerial view of the Maloof Skate Park in Queens.
The flight landed and by 10:15am we were skating the MMC Skate Park. It’s so different when there’s not an event going on.
Each attempt at a creative caption for this photo ended in failure, so you get nothing.
We were just about to hop in the fountain to skate around and this guy was like, “Hold on!” and then turned on the water.
We took the train from the last stop in Queens into the City found this sign that says NO CRAILSLIDING WITH FULL PADS ON!
Justin insisted that he knew how to get us to the hotel and he was leading us in circles. I was laughing at this point and forced him into this tourist photo in front of Madison Square Garden.
At our recharging mission in Starbucks we met up with Filmer Colin.
Stefan Janoski met us at the Chelsea Pier Park to skate. It looks like I’m yelling at him, but I assure you that I was talking very nicely.
I asked the crew, “Is that Jim Murphy, the OG Alva dude?” They had no idea who I was talking about, but I was right. Murf was shredding!
After Chelsea we skated a couple of miles to a plaza in some other district.
Stefan is the best, most chill dude to skate with ever. Then he reminds you that he’s pro for a reason when he casually skates an obstacle along the way.
This spot is fun, low-impact, and laid back...and half of the kids there were wearing Stefan’s shoes.
The next chapter in our adventure was a pit stop at Stefan’s house where Colin poses with the shoe collection.
I like cats. Stefan has one of those flat-face dudes.
After watching Street League in a bar in Williamsburg, we skated down to House of Vans. This bowl is tough to ride.
Phil “Skinny” Ladjanski was there for the free beer.
The next day at Agenda, we found Chris Cole showing off his new line, Omit.
Todd Jordan was hanging out in our hotel lobby!
After dropping off our stuff we headed to the Vans Showroom where they had these delicious treats to go with our coffee.
Jack Sabback was there for the free beer!
Ray Barbee performed for the (maybe) 75 people in attendance. That was a very intimate setting.
L to R – new friend, the always awesome Justin Strubing, and long-time friend and Vans Marketing dude Ryan DeWitt.
The next day Pang brought us to lunch near the Agenda location. There is always something amazing to eat in NYC.
Then Pang gave us a tour of an elevated walkway that used to be a railway. “Yo, back when I was on Zoo, we used to...” Us old guys enjoy reminiscing.
The Famous crew are pretty much the best dudes.
Our plane from La Guardia back to Tampa was a small one. How often do you walk across the runway like that?
The bar was open. Thanks Agenda for the three-day hook-up!

Colin's Video from the Agenda Show


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