CCS Lurk-A-Thon Article at Skatepark of Tampa

CCS Lurk-A-Thon

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 by Rob

Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek
Video by HiDefJoe

The CCS Lurk-A-Thon was two quick Best Trick Contests and some free gear. Results were:

14 and Under

1st: Alex Sperando
2nd: Diego Galvez
3rd: Ollie Tawoosi

15 and Up

1st: Alex Pellegrino (that was him doing the switch hurricane in the footage)
2nd: Brian Adams
3rd: Jeff Wonsong

HiDefJoe Footage

You may remember Chuckie from a recent Take a Poop. He's on it now with the varial flip.
Jared came with the gear.
Porpe came with the mic and his homie's jams.
I wonder if Ollie Tawoosi's parents skate or if that was a coincidence on his name? Maybe he as a sister named Switch Ollie. That's a smith grind.
A shuv it is coming up out of this front blunt by Alex Sperando here.
One of many baby hairfarmers these days, Leo Moreno's got a fast 5-0.
HiDefJoe and Porpe can make you a star.
While everyone was going down, Jereme Knibbs was going up.
I'm blowing it on the name gathering. Nice frontside boardslide to fakie.
Chris Jata, frontside flipper by day, hyperactive Tweeter by night.
That kickflip is something to Tweet about.
Jeff Wonsong was out there with the doubles and triples as usual. Here we have a double 360 flip.


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