SPoT 11-Year Anniversary Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT 11-Year Anniversary Party

Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 by Rob

Tampa Am 2004 11-Year Anniversary Party
Story and Photos By Rob Meronek

People were definitely digging the crazy suits we rocked at the 11-Year Anniversary Party. It definitely elevates your cool guy level when you roll with some flair like that. People think you're someone important or something it seems. Besides some jackass that Ryan Clements had to push on his ass for being a bad drunk, it looked like everyone had a pretty fun time. I spent most of my time in the side bar. After a while I walked out to the main area of the show and it was over. I guess it cleared out pretty early in there after which we all went to the Green Room. Below are a few photos from the night.

Ryan Nix knows a damn good suit when he sees one. That's me, Rob Meronek, in the suit - that's the full hot $h!t. Endless compliments on the threads the whole night.
A Ryan Clements haircut update.
Some pictures say a thousand words. This one only says one: "cheese", because after this photo was taken, those two girls (who thought I was Tim Gavin) didn't give Justin Williams or Jeff Pang the time of day. Bummer dude, on to the next bar flys.
Elissa Steamer and Matt Milligan Fort Myers reppin'
Jeff Pang's like, "Kara, what part can I touch for two bucks?" Kara's like, "I know you're a team manager with a company credit card. That's all you got?"
Jeff, wake up! Kara definitely feeling the Heineken double fisting steez.
Matt Mumford with Soomi and Kara. Man I never thought a tit in the armpit could be so damn sexy.
Kara, Tony Tave, Fernando Soares, Soomi, Abby, Rodrigo Lima, some dude I should know, and yet another person that I'm friends with but can't remember a name.
Graham Bickerstaff in a nice cleavage sandwich
Friday night limo ride to the 11-Year Anniversary Party


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