SPoT Life: Mike Anderson, Zack Wallin, Auby Taylor & More - Halloween Jam at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Mike Anderson, Zack Wallin, Auby Taylor & More - Halloween Jam at SPoT

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and Photos by Frank Branca and Joe Pelham
We started off our Halloween weekend at Largo Skatepark. This is Markus Jailbar and Ian Gow warming up.
Ian starts off the session with a sick wallie.
Matix team rider Zack Wallin just got back to the states from the DVS Flies South Tour. Taking no time off, Zack flew straight to Tampa to hang out for the weekend.
Markus lives right around the corner from Largo Skatepark. He decided to come through with this casual kick flip.
Skatepark of Tampa and Auby Taylor: dedicated to skateboarding.
We started off Saturday morning with breakfast at The Bricks, and then it was off to Lakeland Skatepark.
Mike Anderson joined the crew Saturday and blasted this ollie over the box right off the airplane.
Mike cruised around the park and skated everything in his path, including this rail.
Matix team manager Gabe Clement rips.
SPoT team rider Robby Kirkland broke his board before I could snap a flick of him skating.
Zack and Gabe watch in amazement as Mike skates the bowl.
Mike Anderson blasting as HiDefJoe documents for a new episode of SPoTLife.
Markus was casually ripping all weekend.
DailyBS approved!
Auby Taylor didn't stop skating all weekend, and destroyed everything in his path. Auby won the golden ticket at Damn Am Atlanta 2012, but missed Tampa Am due to an ankle injury. He assured us that he would be skating this year.
This is Daran Godfrey from Matix clothing picking out a Halloween costume.
Mike, Auby, and Zack picked up costumes for the Halloween Jam. Follow them on instagram to check out their photos from the weekend.
Out in the courtyard, everyone was gearing up for the high Ollie contest.
Phil Hajal fs invert as the legend Mike Frazier captures the moment. Follow Mike on instagram to check his angle.
These lovely ladies were serving PBR and Red Bull drinks to those of legal drinking age.
Reverend Anderson blessed the high Ollie contest with a PBR.
Pj Casteeallano blasting an ollie for the contest.
Haunted High Ollie Contest top 3: PJ Castellano, Eric McKenney, and Dylan Perry.
Now on to the Vert's Not Dead Jam.
The King, back from the dead with a frontside invert.
Alex Buncy skates the vert ramp with no pads and destroys.
Top 5 in the Vert's Not Dead Jam: Brian Upapong, Alex Buncy, Alex Morley aka Butterguns, Lucas Mahoney, Ali Tawoosi.
Now we head inside for the Bloody Bowl Jam presented by Matix, Creature, PBR, and Circa.
Mike Anderson has a proper frontside grind
Alex Buncy - Nosepick on the extension
The chain gang was in full effect all night hyping everyone up.
Shaqueefa Squad
Alejandro took first place in the Bloody Bowl Jam
Don’t mess with the Jitt Squad.
Best dressed award goes to Uncle Sam for his Uncle Sam costume.
Elvis says, “Thank you, thank you very much, Red Bull.”
Two of SPoT’s newest employees, Marino Nicastro and Denis Frain.
1,2,3 SPoTLife
What an epic group photo. Thank you to everyone that helped make the first Annual Matix Halloween Bowl Jam happen.
Shop manager Tom Mckessy wasted no time getting the Bricks for after party.
CB4’s Mcgusto
Mikah and Jess
To a successful night!
Good times.


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