Tampa Pro 2004 Awards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2004 Awards

Posted on Monday, March 15, 2004 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2004 Awards
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

There is not enough time and not enough awards to give one to every single person that deserves one. We would like to thank everyone who supports and comes to our contests. The employees here at SPoT also kick ass and make things run so easy it's amazing. See you next year for the 11th repeat of Tampa Pro.


Eric Koston gives the big thumbs down to the terrible prize for winning Worst Trick
The top three - Rick McCrank (2nd), Bastien Salabanzi (1st), and Kyle Berard (3rd)
Peter Ramondetta
Brian Schaefer and Ryan Clements
The MTV girls. Caine told me they're going to be on that MTV show called Made after they're done filming for it
Thanks for the support: the Quicksilver crew
Malcom Watson
Brian Schaefer was pretty shocked to see the first place horrible prize for the Worst Trick Contest was a framed photo of him at last year's Pro Contest. Eric Koston did a 270 bonless handplant frontside noseslide on the rail to win Worst Trick
This judge's meeting looks $eriou$
Kerry Getz
The Giant Crew: Bod Boyle, Paul Schmitt, Brian Schaefer and Rob Valerio
Jeremy Wray
A Flock of Seagulls
Gabe Clement - thanks for the support
Danny Morrin got 6th in his first pro contest
Daniel Viera
Ryan Clements gets an award for winning the Team Manager/Industry VIP Contest
Man that's a lot of people in the Park
Chris Cole the Fender guitar he gets for winning Best Trick
Dennis Busenitz
Caine Gayle
Girls gone wild for product
Billy Marks with his award for second place in the Worst Trick Contest. That's picked pig's feet and some Kmart board. He did a caveman fingerflip lipslide on the rail
Chris Cole won best trick for a kickflip backside noseblunt slide on the big rail
Billy Marks
Bastien Salabanzi and Rick McCrank
Bastien Salabanzi takes it
The champagne goes flying after Bastien Salabanzi is announced as the winner
Allen Russell gets the Man Am Award
The 411 crew making the video: Vern, Josh Friedberg, Chris Ortiz, and Brian Schaefer


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