Booze Cruise 2014 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Booze Cruise 2014

Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2014 by Chris

Well, another Booze Cruise is in the books and this year was even better than last. We rode for our fallen homie, Matt Woods (aka Bald Eagle) and kept his memory in tow the whole way. Check out a surprise parking garage bomb, Wes Box's fake birthday at Hooters, and lots of yelling.

Video by Jean-Luc Vida
Photos and captions by Marino Nicastro
This year we had to reschedule the Booze Cruise because it rained on our first attempt. Everything still ran smoothly and we all met up at The Bricks. Who doesn't love pushing down the street with multiple stops for booze?
We started out with a quick skate to the Bro Bowl.
Things always get a little weird at the bowl. Jean-Luc doing a great job at capturing it all!
Time for a group shot and on to the Hub.
The Hub in downtown Tampa is a great place to keep the party going.
Scooter, who owns the Hub is pretty familiar with our Booze Cruise by now.
A big thank you to PBR for supplying us with booze at every stop. Cheers!
This guy even had Pabst tattoed on his hand, a true drinker.
The Cruise had an unexpected visitor come complain about us being too rowdy, but I don't think anyone was listening.
This year we at added a stop at the 10-story parking garage for some good old fashioned group hill-bombing.
And they're off!
Pit stop at the bottom of the garage for a skate session. Josh Wilson's got drunken nose mannys on lock.
We come to the Turtle Ditch for every Booze Cruise, but this might be an NBD. FSEC member Justin Cruce can dump truck anything.
Can't forget the mandatory group photo.
Happy Fake Birthday to Wesley Box! We told the Hooters girls it was his birthday and they held him up and gave him a few kisses.
We took our final sloppy cruise from Hooters back to The Bricks to finish things off including anymore beer in our sight. Thanks to everyone who came out and pushed with us!?


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