Tampa Am 2014: Friday Nightlife Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2014: Friday Nightlife Photos

Posted on Saturday, December 6, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Alex Sherrer, Alex Uncapher, and Marino Nicastro
After the Qualifiers were over and the booze started flowing, it was time to party. There was a ripping session going on out in the Concrete Course. Here's Robert Clark with an alley oop crook.
Dashawn Jordan's got a solid Alley Oop Front 180 over the keyhole.
Tim Zom killed it at Damn Am Portugal. Here's a smooth crailslide.
Had to post this nosegrind pop out too.
Jake "Pop Tart" Welch reps Orlando and always turns heads. That's a boardslide over the gap.
Blake Johnson with a smith grind.
Bobby Freeman made it out to the park before the crowd descended on the streets of Ybor.
Chase Webb and Dylan Witkin were hanging in the courtyard watching an impromptu session.
Alejandro Burnell had a quick second for a photo op with Justin Zaragoza and his older brother.
Tampa Am wearing you out? Red Bull has your back if you need some energy.
The Deck the Walls art show part 2 went off at The Bricks. That's Krystal Ralph's contribution. If you ever need a good tattoo, go see her at Black Fin (upstairs from the Bricks).
It was sick to see skateboard history covering the walls.
Todd Francis is a board graphic legend. Here's some of his early work with Anti Hero.
Nick Zizzo trying to join #teamhandsome
The Boss and his lady of the night.
Linda Dern is here for the weekend to support her sons.
Alex Bibiloni and Figgy were caught chatting it up. Arctic (Figgy's band) will be playing the courtyard at SPoT tonight for our 22 Year Anniversary Party.
Everyone's night was just about as blurry as this photo.
The Dude Dance Party was in full effect last night.
Jereme Knibbs will be riding his Golden Ticket straight to the Finals.
Mr. and soon to be Mrs. Luke Pallone.
You think Zion Wright was hyped to be out last night?
I don't know this DJs name, but he definitely got the party started last night.
What's everyone looking at?
Zion Wright and a sleepy. Is that HiDefJoe in the background? Damn that beard's getting thick!
Derick Glancy with our PBR moment of the weekend.
Skitching in the streets of Ybor is a tradition at SPoT.
Why do I get a sinking feeling when I don't remember taking this photo.
Shaqueefa Ceo Scotty the Body was at Czar and did not disappoint.
Last one of the night (hopefully) caught looking. Thanks to The Bricks and Czar for having us. We'll see you all tomorrow at Qualifiers.


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