Tampa Am 2014: Sunday Nightlife photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2014: Sunday Nightlife photos

Posted on Monday, December 8, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Alex Sherrer
Champagne showers all around for the podium. Congrats Jagger, Micky and Hermann!
I hope you got a free shirt or board in the product toss madness.
These two wrestled for about 5 minutes for a deck and Justin Zaragoza does not seem amused that he missed the video for Instagram.
That is a wrap for Tampa Am 2014. Let's go party!
The streets of Ybor can rest easy now that the contest is over, but Tampa Pro is three short months away.
Marino Nicastro and Mikah Collins are two of the guys behind the scenes that make SPoT place run so smooth.
The Germain kids were running crazy through the Bricks.
Alex Bowers, Markus Jalaber, Josh Wilson, Dylan Perry, and Wayne Schaefer (Brian's stunt double) all made it to level 10 last night.
Thank You PBR for giving us the nights that we will never remember.
Jereme Knibbs and Sam Bellipanni were all smiles last night.
Jagger came out to celebrate his big win!
Marcus and Zion killed it at the Bricks last night.
It is always good to see Scuba Steve out.
At this point is where the night got a bit blurry with Chris Blake.
Chris Blake was one of last nights MVPs here with FSEC member Casey Wayne.
How can the ladies resist Eric McKenney with that smile.
I'm sure a few people still have the spins like this disco ball.
This guy was tearing down the dance floor and letting everyone pour drinks on him.
Here is to another amazing Tampa Am with Brian Schaefer and friends.
An end to the weekend with my shirt coming off. We will see you all in March.


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