TOA Escape From New York Tour Invades Miami Article at Skatepark of Tampa

TOA Escape From New York Tour Invades Miami

Posted on Friday, January 9, 2015 by Chris

Photos and words by Frank Branca.
After the TOA, Polar, Hopps, Magenta and Traffic squad hit Tampa on a stop from their Escape From New York Tour (which is their first tour ever, FYI) - it was time to head on down to Miami and hit some spots along the way.
First stop: South Beach!
Dane Brady and his lady, Winona Rider.
First stop was MIA where Chris Williams greeted everyone with Acai bowls.
Dango and Piro.
Rob Gonyon and Kevin Tierney also escaped from New York but their trip was hashtagged #tropicalfantasy2k15
Jimmy Lannon getting hyped to hit the streets with some Ben Gore footage from Static 4-5-6.
If you ever have been to Miami, I'm sure you have probably seen Paul DeOliveira and he was probably skitching a Lambo.
After the meet and greet at MIA, it was straight to streets where Ben Gore puts on a demo for the kids.
Dustin Eggeling was about to skate this rail but decided not to when I took the camera out.
Piro 50-50 around the corner and through the woods.
Footy Check.
The VX1000 still lives...
Jimmy ollies up a five stair no problem and also does a trick down. Make sure to check the footage.
If you didn’t know, Ben Gore is an amazing photographer. Follow him on Insta to check out his work @lookatbensphotos
Brendan Carroll chilling at the best flat ground spot.
After the sunset, we found this bump to bar. Jimmy snaps an Ollie no problem but make sure to check the edit because he did this in a line.
Dane Brady - 5050 the curb to pole jam.
Footy Party!
Miami is amazing and is always producing amazing spots. Check out the wave ledges in the background.
These guys don’t stop.
After skating, we stayed at Ben Gore’s house in Pompano. I think this was the highlight of the trip for everyone. His family cooked everyone dinner, we had a bonfire, beers, a boat ride, and they hooked everyone up with a spot to sleep. Thank you so much for the hospitality, Ben and Family!
The next day, it was off to Stuart to stop by 561 skate shop and skate with the crew. Check out Josh’s filming steez as he chases the crew.
Josh Stewart performing a flamingo. Filmers Colin Reed and Joe Bressler should be pointing their camera at him.
Jimmy Lannon - nose manny across the street and into a bank.
Skater girl on the session.
Stalker Steve and Dean Donnini made the drive from Orlando and Tampa for the session.
Stuart legend, Brandon Damron. Look up his skating!
Dustin snaps a kickflip out of the bump.
Brandon nollie flips in a line as Colin chases him with his VX1000.
Last spot: Dane Brady shuts it down with a back 5050.
Everyone chilling after Dane shut it down.
Brendan and Jimmy hop back into the SPoT van and head back to Tampa. Big shout out to the Theories crew for letting me tag along, and be on the look out for a full edit of the trip coming soon.
Go check out more photos over at TOA's website here.


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