Damn Am 2015 Select Series: LA Photos (day 3) Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am 2015 Select Series: LA Photos (day 3)

Posted on Monday, May 4, 2015 by Chris

The kids at Lincoln Park in LA were beyond psyched to have the Damn Am come to their local park, and you’ve really never met a radder bunch of rippers. They all turned out to fuel the stoke as the top 30 skaters of the weekend tried to navigate Semi-Finals and squeeze into the top 12 Finals on Sunday. The level of consistency and difficulty is beyond all comprehension these days and both were on full display, all day. There was just too much amazing skating to list, but Dashawn Jordan, who usually breaks out at least one bigger flip front board during his run, didn’t even need to go there to get the win. Instead he planned out the raddest combos where he somehow managed to crank out six tricks in the first 10 seconds of his run. From there he was close to taking it, and when he went on to tre flip fifty the big hubba and blast a crooks up the small one it was a done deal. But that was only a tiny part of what went down over the weekend. The photos and video can tell the rest of the story. A huge thanks to Nike SB, Independent, TWS, Santa Cruz, Dakine, Bones and Boxed Water for the support.

-Paul Zitzer

Words and photos by Bart Jones.
It's day 3 of Damn Am Los Angeles and the kids are hyped! Well kind of...at least some of them.
Chris Colbourn didn’t make the finals, but still ripped the whole park with awesome maneuvers like this Frontside Nosegrind from the 3 stair all the way to the brink.
Justin Williams and the Fam.
One of last year’s Damn Am winners Gage Boyle held down 11th place this time around with lofty Kickflips over the bump among other trickery.
I’ve never seen this before, but there was a bit of a problem with children wondering onto the course, actually pretty funny. Obliviousness is Bliss!
Coming in 10th place, Frankie Heck plays the long ball with a Kickflip over some mulch.
Skateboard All-Stars: Aaron Snyder & James Craig.
Corey Glick Gaps To Backside Five-Oh into 9th place.
Mr. & Mrs. Loy with their dogs Oliver and Elvis that strangely resemble Ethan n’ David.
Oscar Meza puttin’ it down on his home turf of Los Angeles with plenty of moves like this Kickflip Crook getting him in at 8th place.
Kelvin gives Ivan a lil pep talk before his final run of the finals.
Julian Christianson has the tech moves, but can also blast on command if need be. Well rounded goes a long way bringing him in at 7th place.
Upsy Daisy! Mason Silva’s got mad ups! And got 5th place, not too shabby.
JS Lapierre worked the whole course from top to bottom, starting it off with this Frontside 5-O 180 and making his way down the snake run into the pit getting him a 4th place spot. Yea JS!
Brazilian youngster and first place qualifier Ivan Monteiro finishes it off with this Backside Noseblunt and a 3rd place spot. Not too bad..not too bad at all Ivan!
Micky Papa absolutely killed these hubbas i.e. Kickflip Back Overcrook earning him the 2nd place spot. Viva La Canada!
Ladies n’ gentleman this year’s first stop Damn Am winner, Dashawn Jordan!!! Dude completely wrecked the whole course. Tre Flip Grind in practice just for the love.
Immediately after the contest the Independent Best Trick was under way. Antonio Durao got 5th with this Switch Flip Lipslide.
Nate Greenwood about to Kickflip out of a 180 Fakie 5-0, he also shuved out of it too; lacin’ him up with 4th place in Best Trick.
Brodie Penrod did a really crazy trick earning him 3rd in BT, stay tuned for the footage coming soon!
Micky Papa doing a Nollie Inward Heel B/S Five-0, he also did Nollie Flip b/s Tailslide and maybe even some other stuff securing that 2nd place spot in best trick.
Julian Christianson did a completely bonkers move that cannot be contained in one photo, but stay tuned for the footage in the days to come.
The moment all the kids have been waiting for...
...The Product Toss!! Even the security lady was getting in on it!
Your top three guys basking in the glory. (L to R): Micky Papa (2nd), Dashawn Jordan (1st), Ivan Monteiro (3rd).
That’s a wrap for the first Damn Am of the year! Next stop Atlanta, May 22nd - 24th Get There!!


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