SPoT Employee of the Month Party - August 2015 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Party - August 2015

Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos: Marino Nicastro
Video: Frank Branca
Every month we pick one of our staff members that we think has been killing it and give him/her an award, plus a bunch of other rad stuff. In addition, we get everyone together to help celebrate with an after sesh here at the park. Josh Eckert starts things off by warming up the concrete with a Fast Plant.
Chris Reitz Ollies the boob with great control.
VIP Employee Tristan Mershon showed up.
Tristan interviewing the interviewer Josh Eckert on who he thinks is going to win Employee of the Month this month.
Andy Johnson came out from Innetech Shipping and Receiving a little early so he could land this 360 Shuv and enjoy the party.
Eric McKenney - Nollie Backside Flip every try for about 20 times…
Danny Boyd is a local ripper and always skates the all ages contests. FS Smith on the 6ft QP!
Chuckie Wooder - FS Air. These kids keep getting better every day!
Outside scene report. The food is done and the beers are almost ready.
Chris Monte came here for the free food.
DJ is always killing it in the shop.
Derick Wynn, Chris Monte, Jack Loktu and DJ Dragan. This was our best turn out yet.
Beer-0 or a 5-0 with beer in hand. Stunt done by Monte.
Derick Glancy showed up late but this FS Feeble was quick and easy!
The Party moved inside due to abrupt Florida weather. Josh Eckert was the spokesmen here holding the trophy and the prizes that include $100 to SPoT, $50 to The Bricks and $50 to Ebay. Who could it be…?
Derick Glancy! The Employee of the Month for August. Everyone was hyped.
He was hyped!
He also won a cigar that the bossman Brian Schaefer let him light up in celebration! NBD
Congrats bud! See y'all again at the end of September.


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