Tampa Am 2015: SPoT 23 Year Anniversary Party Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2015: SPoT 23 Year Anniversary Party Photos

Posted on Sunday, November 15, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos: Chaz Miley
Weezy showed up with a double cup.
Best trick was wild but it's time for the Converse Concrete Jam and TWS Door Gap Best Trick contest.
The time has come to get this party started.
Pedro is the man of the night.
Zion trying to get some of that money.
Poptart getting blunted.
I didn't catch this dude's name but word on the street is that he skates tranny goofy and street regular.
Garrett Miller is a mad man.
More Pedro!
Nick Wallace didn't go home empty-handed last night.
Cody Chapman took a heavy slam last night and broke his arm.
Dalton Dern in the concrete jam trying to take all the money.
The line might be long but the PBR is so cold.
Schaefer and Frank had a few racks to blow last night.
We've seen a lot of slams here at SPoT but Pedro's and Scotty's last night was one of the gnarliest.
Garrett Miller tail drop from the top ropes.
Kevin Baekkel can't keep his feet on his board.
Congrats to Jereme Knibbs for taking first in Saturdays qualifiers.
Reese shut down the park last night.
Apparently Nate isn't just good at filming. He's also good at cee lo.
Stoked Scotty is ok.
This is a deal of a lifetime.
Tampa Am had me like...


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