Harvest Jam / All Ages Awards 2015 Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam / All Ages Awards 2015 Photos

Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 by Chris

Video: Frank Branca
Words and photos by Marino Nicastro
The Harvest Jam All Ages Contest Presented by Expedition was a great turn out. Eric and Josh were in charge of registration and as you can see they had their hands full.
DJ CUB was in there making sure no one was having a bad time.
The Judges and their commander.
Boards For Bros was out there collecting donations and helping out the youth.
Danny Boyd Jr. has been training every day since the course changed and it all paid off. BS Boardslide.
Felipe Duarte - FS Tailslide.
Corey Bolo - FS Air.
Rory Doran - FS Feeble. Just missing the cut.
Taylor Nguyen - FS Boardslide.
Darius Norton - Gap FS Feeble. Taking the gold.
Frankie Heck and Dylan Witkin showed up to represent Expedition.
Grace Marhoefer with an insane Boneless Invert.
Fabiana Delfino surely earned first place by destroying the entire course, including this Switch Boardslide.
Outside, Sterling Gainer and Cameron Hunt holding down the beef supply.
Dylan is a natural on the concrete course. Sloppy 50-50 up.
Its time for a small break and some awards. First up, Danny finds out he’s won this contest and the overall 8 & Under Division for the year.
8 & Under Awards. Results here.
9-12 Awards. Results here.
Girls Division Awards. Results here.
13-15 Awards. Results here.
The Box Family gets an award for Most Dedicated Family.
The Boyd Family got an "All in the Family" award.
So did the Nortons. That's a proud dad.
Woody got the "Best Skate Dad" award.
The Montoya Family got the “Fan Club” award.
Darius got the “Hall of Meat” award for basically taking the gnarliest slam and never letting it stop him.
Chris Antoine - Inward Heel down the set. He was nailing these down in practice.
Mikey Sanchez - Kickflip Indy to Fakie.
Kevin Timmons - Kickflip Krook.
Pause for a second to acknowledge this insane attempt by some super hero. Never landed but he did try this about 15 times during the contest. He’s a crowd pleaser.
Brandon Starr excelling every day. Getting Inverted on the QP.
Steven Szumal - Bean Plant 5-0.
Steven McKaig took first in his division. Huge Boneless.
Isaac Wilson giving all he’s got to Ollie up.
Wes Box - FS Shuv just like butter. White God.
Miles Mckinney - huge gap to BS Boardslide.
AJ Dall - Kickflip FS Boardslide.
Haze Miller - FS Blunt like nothing.
Nick Wallace was charging it this contest and it looked like he was going to win, but sometimes people have other agendas. FS Feeble.
Zion is that person who can be put in a contest in the last jam and win it. FS Air to Wallride.
16 & Up Division Awards. Results here.
Sponsored Awards. Results here.
Davison "Bob the Brazilian" Fortunado got a “Just for Showing up” award. He’s awesome. He moved down here after Tampa Am a year ago to learn english and pursue his interests. Say hello if you see him around.
Meagan Guy got the “Girl Power” award.
Product toss to end out the day. Thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks to Expedition One, Frankie Heck and Dylan Witkin for coming out.


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