Clash of the Crews 2016 - SPoT Life Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Clash of the Crews 2016 - SPoT Life

Posted on Friday, February 5, 2016 by Chris

Our annual Clash of the Crews contest was lit last Saturday, with 18 shops from all over the south east coming to Skatepark of Tampa to battle it out for the top spot and street cred. When you have people like Felipe Gustavo showing up to skate, things get interesting.

Photos: Nick Nicks
Video: Frank Branca
"Clash of the Crews" Presented by Vans and Old Glory.
Gage Gum - Warm-Up Backside Tailslide in the Concrete Courtyard, Hazard County Skatepark.
Friday was open practice, and a chance for the judges and announcers to get some skating in before the contest the next day. Paul Zitzer, Proper Back Smith in a Proper Tampa Kit.
Danny Fuenzalida (MIA Skateshop) is Mad About BBQ and Mad About Skateboarding!
Eli Williams (The People's Champ), Warmup (?) Crossbone for Hazard County Skatepark.
Jake Ilardi probably came straight in from sticking a head high 540 in the concrete courtyard to stomp this switch flip.
We decided to do an obstacle course race Friday night, just to keep things spicy. Brian Schaefer lays down the rules with the mic in his hand, NBD.
The races got hectic!
Tyson Zane slidin' through for the win.
Obstacle Course Race Top 3: Gregory Holt (3rd), Jake Ilardi (2nd), Tyson Zane (1st)
I found Tyler Coffman eating concrete for breakfast bright and early Saturday morning. Back Smith for the Mad About Skateboarding Crew.
Vans is one hell of a host...waffles on a stick for everyone!
Chopper Dave and Brad from Vans are really nice guys!
Captain Wafflebeard.
The Boards for Bros crew is always holding it down.
The future of East Coast Skateboarding is bright.
Nick Wallace will skate anything, anywhere, anytime. High Speed Backside 5-0 for The Infamous Westside Skateshop.
Deandre Mizzell, Backside Tailslide for Compound Boardshop.
Chris Blake and his beard rolled-up fakie into this Frontside 5-0 through the corner for Plus Skateshop.
Marshall LaFrance hit the Bluntside Frontside for Sunrise Surf Shop.
Members Only Jackets tied around your waist are the new fanny packs. Yonis Molina Fakie Flipped over the rail into the bank for John Montesi and Westside Skateshop.
Gaspar Ramirez, Best Dressed Backside Tailslide. Compound Boardshop.
Silas Backus is 8 years old, skates for Cocoa Beach Skatepark and has a grown man Varial Heelflip.
Danny Fuenzalida came all the way from Miami to do this perfect switch kickflip.
Obviously these dudes are taking notes on Mike Peterson's Front Blunt and not on Tinder.
Mike Peterson is a legendary Pro Skater from Florida. No Comply 180 down the stairs for his shop The Block Skate Supply in Jacksonville, Florida.
The Nice Guys Skateboards crew came all the way from Pittsburgh, PA to represent.
Tyson Zane, Kickflip Frontside Boardslide for Aqua East.
Alejandro Burnell, Frontside Boneless for the home team, Skatepark of Tampa.
Chris Blake always has lines that nobody else does. Ollie over the rail from the bank to 50-50 on the top stair for Plus Skateshop.
Jamie Foy is really good. Here he demonstrates proper pinch technique.
Mad About Skateboarding is not Mad about their 10th place spot.
Sunrise Surf Shop - 9th place.
Jacksonville homies, The Block Skate Supply taking 8th place back to North Florida.
Ramp 48 had a blast and took home 7th place.
Orlando's Plus Skateshop took home 6th Place...and all the chicks.
Island Water Sports (Land Sports Division) has a hella talented crew...5th place.
The Infamous Westside Skateshop from right across the bay coming in at 4th place.
Skatepark of Tampa with 3rd Place making the boss proud.
Congrats to your top 3! Skatepark of Tampa, Hazard County Skatepark, The Boardr.
Jake Wooten shut it down with this Footplant to Fakie (literally) OFF THE WALL.


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