Tampa Pro 2016 - Sunday Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2016 - Sunday Photos

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2016 by Chris

Another Tampa Pro is in the books! Shane O'Neill took first place, with Carlos Ribeiro in second and Tom Asta in third. Shane will go on to skate in the 2016 Nike SB SLS Super Crown World Championships and Carlos advances to the 2016 Nike SB SLS World Tour, along with the newest pro to skate this year: Micky Papa. Congrats to all the dudes that straight ripped, throwing down some of the sickest tricks we've ever seen under our roof. Stay tuned for the full SPoT Life episode from Finals coming later today.

Words and photos: Bart Jones
Top of the T-BONE to ya!
Tommy Fynn gets Semis practice started with a Fakie Flip down dem steps.
Sold Out! Once again.
Chris Joslin Front Feeble Grinds from place to place.
Playas gonna play.
David Loy gets the Semi-Finals goin’ with a big ole Lien Tail.
Commune Coffee will get you spracked!
Karsten Kleppan goes full speed ahead with a Backside Smith round the bend.
Ishod got bodied so he ended up giving his finals spot to Loy. That’s not exactly how it happened but close enough.
Ryan Decenzo keeps dem hands down on a Frontside Ollie.
Micky Papa gets mere perfect runs starting it off with Tre Flips over the box.
Legend John Montesi with Dave Malinsky the door guy.
Carlos Ribeiro ripping through the Semis.
Nyjah up to his same old nasty tricks with a Gap KF Frontside Boardslide.
Cook em and book em’.
Evan Smith is a free spirit. Here he exemplifies with Back 360 Rock Fakie.
Trevor Colden takes liking to dog and owner.
Karsten Kleppan gets the Finals started with a high-speed 360 Flip.
Ink on Wood.
Luan foreseeing one of his solid powerful runs.
Ryan Decenzo turns up the heat with a Kickflip Crook Grind.
E-man in the building!!
Carlos Ribeiro was all smiles killing it in the finals.
If you cook it, they will come.
Not sure what Evan is doing here, but seems like he was having a good time.
Shane doesn’t give many chances for a still photo but I took what I could with a Bigspin Frontside Boardslide.
A huge congrats to Micky Papa and Carlos Ribeiro for qualifying into Street League.
Congratulations Shane!!!! Another Tampa Pro in the books, already can’t wait for next year!


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