Zaturdays: California Adventure Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Zaturdays: California Adventure

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2016 by Paul

California can be exhausting even if you’re not doing anything. The constant bumping into skate industry folk, the relentless bro hugging, the never ending spot gawking, and then just the day to day waste of your life sitting in traffic. We did all of that and more last week during our SPoT California Adventure when Schaefer, Adam “Warzaw Factory” Washell, Derick “Glancy Pants” Glancy and I flew out for back to back to back nights of Skate Industry Overdose, starting with the adidas Away Days premier on Thursday, followed by the Skateboard Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday, and finally the Vans Pool Party on Saturday.
I woke up at 4:30am EST, boarded the plane about 6:00am, watched Hoff the Record as a tribute to Hoffart (and yes, it was really good and I’m not sure why it didn’t win an Oscar, politics probably), and was landing at LAX by 11:00am (Cali time bro). From there it was straight into traffic as we drove down south to meet up with our Volcom bros to talk about the Damn Am Costa Mesa that’s coming up next month. This is the rest of it.
Want to get around in Cali? Get used to this view bro. It’s going to be a while.
This is Remy Stratton. He was a 90s vert pro and also the guy who built the Volcom skate program from nothing. Here he is holding a photo of Rune and Matt Dove, if you look closely you’ll see Remy in the photo too, hanging from a trapeze mount like a Flying Wallenda while filming Chichigof.
Before we started the meeting, Pedro showed up. Note the “this guy right here” point.
Then Provost showed up. BS borrowing a page from Pedro, “this guy right here” part two.
Then Brian Gallagher launched into his rendition of Wonderwall.
Finally, the meeting. Time for Brian to tune out, “my Insta is popping off bros.”
Meanwhile, Glancy Pants and Warzaw stopped to meet up with the Baker Boys. No “this guy” fingering to be found.
And back into the car for a three-hour drive to LA that should have been 30 minutes.
Volcom used to have its own record label, and while we were there we’d come across a Double Platinum (or I suppose it could have been plastic) record of an artist we’d never heard of, Cerebral Ballzy, so we queued them up and it became the soundtrack of the trip. You need to give them a try because, well because it’s cool to listen to a band that has such a great band name.
We made it! Finally. Here’s a photo I shot of Warzaw shooting Brian shooting the Marquee. I saw somebody shooting me while I was shooting this.
Meanwhile, inside the Orpheum…
Sinclair showed up like the Pied Piper, leading a pack of about 2,000 kids who want to get on Pig.
DJ Premier in the courtyard out back, scratching for dough.
Odd Couple.
Even more odd with Bagley in the mix.
And into the Theatre for the show. Snoop talks skateboarding.
But before tonight’s Featured Presentation, Snoop shoots a Selfie with the entire adidas team and every person any of them know.
Day two, Warzaw, back in traffic. He’d been jonzing for Ballzy. On the way to SLS HQ to talk about stuff.
Surprisingly, this is SLS Headquarters. Like the Bat Cave, you’ll never find it on any map and I can’t show you any pictures of anything that happened there. Just kidding, I could, I just didn’t shoot any.
Back into the car for more Cerebral Ballzy and off to the Hall of Fame.
We made it three hours later. “This guy right here” is David from Bluetile Skateshop. Nice hats bros.
Name the Florida vert guy for 1000. Hint: He’s always late for the bus but never misses it.
NOW we’re talking! “This guy right here.”
Seventh Annual! Who knew?
Warzaw getting loose with a cardboard cutout of Patti McGee from the cover of Life Magazine, May 14, 1965.
I one-upped Warzaw by getting loose with the real Patti McGee.
Then BS one-upped us both by getting a doubles “this guy right here” with her. She even threw in a “thumbs up.”
Let the Awards begin! Tommy Guerrero, inducted.
Tony Alva, star of Skateboard Madness, letting it rip.
Day 3. Straight to the Vans Skatepark in the OC. Glancy Pants and Warzaw filling in for Schaefer with the thumbs.
Steve Van Doren is the MAN, flipping burgers is his jam.
Schaefer auditioning for Love Letters.
Miller Time! Paul Schmitt is a champion.
Miller Time owns the combi, but it would be nice if he owned it in some brighter clothes.
Every year the winners get their names put on banners and hung up for all eternity.
There are three categories at the Pool Party. Masters (40 and up), Legends (legends), and Pros (everybody else). Navs won Masters.
Doubles! Alex Perelson trying to get a better view. Beckett came out the loser in this arrangement.
Glance loves Lance.
“Stay Tuned…”
Heimana Reynolds, frontside over the hip. Everyone killed it.
Lance won the Legends. The trophy was a hand giving the finger; Lance put more of a “piss off!” type of vibe to it. Till next year….


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