SPoT Employee of the Month Session - June 2016 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Session - June 2016

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016 by Chris

This month, we sessioned for the boys in Innetech: our shipping / receiving area. All those dudes have been killing it, so we hooked them up with some custom shirts, a golden scan gun trophy and our thanks. After the party, it was time for a screening of Josh Stewart's classic "Static I" video. Photos and video below.
Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Marino Nicastro
We celebrated our June Employee of the Month party on July 1st, and if you have been in Florida recently, you know its hotter than hell. But that never stops us from getting together and celebrating the hard work that went into last month with some skating, drinking and free food. Josh Wilson and Robby2Packs are always out here.
Tristan Mershon is always pulling out those lip tricks everyone wants to learn. This BS Hurricane was only a few tries.
Tim, our newest SPoT Maintenance employee, is always down to help and joins us on the grill. He’s flipping out free food for everyone!
Rob Morris keeping things in the early 70’s with this hippie jump and booze in hand! Thanks PBR.
This month we got another beverage sponsor: Not Your Fathers Ginger Ale. Its like ginger ale but with alcohol in it, Monte shows off his diversity by grabbing one. They’re really good actually.
Inside the park Wesley Box never stops learning. Grabbing behind the knee properly.
Kris Clayton holding down this FS Feeble for the distance.
Josh Wilson can normally be seen behind a camera or designing clothes for his brand Lotion, but he takes a break and snaps a Tre Flip over the hip.
Eric McKenney riding up as far as he can go for a nice BS Wallride.
Big Rich and Tristan watching the mayhem unfold.
Derick Glancy clears the park out with this Kickflip FS Disaster.
Outside everyones arguing who won the trophy. “No I won!” Chase definitely won the staring contest.
Derick Wynn took the initiative and skated the concrete while everyone was inside. Pinching that BS 5-0.
Manny Amorelli, Sr. - Crailslide in the deep.
After the skating slowed down, everyone piled into the snack bar to see who won.
And the verdict is…… Innetech is our June Employee of the Month. Innetech includes Chris Reitz, Andy Johnson, Derick Wynn, Jack Loktu and Marino Nicastro. It's the place where we send out all your online orders and put in all the new product you see on the website. Congrats fellas!
Eric Mckenney had to step up and shoot the photo so I could slip in there. Innetech: Bill ‘Em All.
The Trophy: A 24k Gold Scan Gun.
After the awards we stuck around in the snacker to have a movie premier. This month it was Static, the first installment from Josh Stewart. Hope you enjoy!


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