The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 6 Year Anniversary Party Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 6 Year Anniversary Party Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 by Chris

6 Years of partying rolled up into one night and you know it's gonna be lit. Bands, beers, BBQ, art and skating: all the things that make up our chill spot - The Bricks, and our second shop in Ybor. Thanks to Vans for making it happen and thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.
Photos: Marino Nicastro
Video: Frank Branca
The Bricks and SPoT Ybor did it and made it another year, 6 years in the books! We had a great staff with us and even greater day ahead of us. Bands, booze and good times!
First thing on our agenda was skate Turtle Ditch and give out some money. Thats Brad, the Vans Event coordinator for the east coast, he’s the one putting up stickers and helping us get these event planned. He’s (b)radical!
Allen Russell, The King of Ybor, isn’t just the best ramp builder and person alive, he’s also one hell of a ripper. FS Blunt.
Brad also skates! FS Board pop out.
Eric McKenney is the one holding all the money, I hope he doesn’t have beef with you! Tim came up.
Alejandro - BS Hurricane for a nice $20.
Uncle Sam basically took all the money. You know this FS Blunt 270 came within 10 tries.
Did I mention how hard Frank Branca is working? Filming everything that happened in the heat.
James Cobb - Fakie 5-0.
Before we started packing up, Tim decided to go mad man on us and basically drop in on this fence. Wow.
Jimmy The Greek and Allen “The Muska” Russell.
Sam with his winnings! Lots of hungry skaters out there you better bring it!
Good group so far... on to the next spot.
Centennial Park: we all know this spot and wish it was skate-able. Well someone was kind enough to build a ledge for the top and took off the skate stoppers on some of the rails! It was a dream com true for about an hour.
Lots of people came but only a few were brave enough to step to the plate.
Sam came through quick with the BS Tailslide.
Wesley went vigilante on us and threw a boardslide the rail that still had its stoppers.
Tyler Wolford hit up the ledge with a BS Tail shuv.
Tim is a savage, he hit numbers of tricks on this thing but the Kickflip Boardslide could be an NBD.
Robby Kirkland stretched this one out to the end for a Kickflip FS Boardslide on the flat.
Derick Glancy Lipslide.
Cash - master of the shut Pop Shuvs over the rail.
Jereme went to town, Fakie Ollie over.
With all the mayhem going on in the USA, we must remember Skateboarder Lives Matter.
Jitt Squad.
Seamus and his offspring.
Finally the night we have all been waiting for! People were lining up to get in The Bricks and celebrate.
When we arrived, the boys were already here enjoying a few beverages.
Inside, Jess and Kyle were bartending away. Tip your Bartender!
Soft Hoagie Rolls were in attendance. They never left the street though.
It was already packed and only 8pm! Good luck getting that drink quickly, just order two to be safe.
Jared Curry and his drinking buddy enjoying cool PBRs.
Sentries showed up and set the mood for the rest of the day.
Brother Cephus: One of the great bands that showed up and played outside.
We had the back alley occupied and it was a great turnout.
FSEC Michael Andruzzi and his posse were sighted outside.
Too packed inside? Hungry? These guys had you covered with the outside bar and food.
Put on your grill face. Skewers of all shapes and colors. Anthony Alt: the man behind The Bricks food.
Everyone enjoying PBR’s! Thanks PBR!
A look inside The Bricks as the sun went down and the freaks came out.
Insane Drunk Posse: Josh, Derick and Robby2Packs getting down with the ladies of Ybor.
Tom finally closed down SPoT Ybor for the night and it was time to catch up. Double fist.
Thanks Vans for all the products we got to toss out.
After the bands finished up outside, we had a few hip hop artists play on stage inside. Lots of local artists killing it.
Gat and Chris Killing it to open the inside stage.
Don’t gang signs here, just people trying to count how many beers they’ve had.
Louis Jr.! Always a fan favorite.
Free Vans hats only for the best.
Carissa was killing it, Hula Hooping between rappers keeping the crowd occupied - get happy and join the club -
Lot of energy from this guy! Don’t hate his game.
Like I said, people were moving their feet and the energy was high.
Outside the nightly activities were going on. Let's see who we can find.
Amelia, Carly and Sydney.
There's Sydney’s arm candy.
The bros getting radical.
Chase O’Brien, a face we don’t normally see but good to see him enjoying a PBR.
Chaz and Hidef Joe. Finally a night off from the camera.
Jereme Knibbs and his lady Helen. Good to see him back in town having some fun.
Jean-Luc, Brad and Sam. Each one looking a little more drunk. I hope you made it too!


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