SPoT Free Fridays / Old Man Bowl Jam Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Free Fridays / Old Man Bowl Jam Coverage

Posted on Thursday, February 9, 2017 by Chris

Last Friday, we fired up the grill, put some beer on ice, and geared up for January's Free Fridays (free skating for SPoT members on the last Friday of every month), with a special exclusie premiere of the new Foundation video "Oddity". In addition, we held our annual Old Man Bowl Jam for the dudes that still got it, even though they might need a hip replacement after each session. Josh Bowser was there to grab some photos of the day. Big thanks to Tampa Bay Brewing Company, PBR and Foundation for making this event a success.

Photos: Rolo Carrillo and Josh Bowser
Brian handling quality control on the grill, while Jay starts tossing burgers.
Mikey takes a break from helping us build our new venue to pour beers for all the thirsty old dudes.
SPoT Team members Robby and Cash fueling up for Best Trick.
Our humble judges: Cash Gaddes, Sly Sullivan and Jay Turner smile for the camera...
Gabriel Jr. warms up with a super casual Switch front Blunt.
Kevin Timmons starts the Best Trick contest with a Feeble grind.
Wes Box - back smith with proper form.
Sterling is going to Nollie Inward Heel out of this Crook.
Tyler Wolford put down this Cab back Lip pretty quick.
Our judges have some tough choices to make this month.
D'Andre Pendergrass takes home 2nd place with a grip of tech tricks.
Gabriel Jr. brings home the top spot with his patented bag of flip in, flip out madness. Congratulations to both of our winners!
Time to take a breather, grab a free beer courtesy of Tampa Bay Brew Co. and PBR, then take a seat to watch the new video from Foundation Skateboards, "Oddity". Thank you to all of our sponsors! We can't do it without your help.
Cash finds a good spot to watch the video. A huge thank you to Foundation for letting us premier "Oddity"; it is seriously not to be missed.
Brian giving the signal; time to get this Old Man Bowl Jam started.
Alex Johnson is here with his lady, Trish, to handle announcer duties and provide some youthful energy.
"Let's get this going!"
Paolo Vergara sparking the session with a lengthy front 5050.
Brandon Palmer takes this frontside grind over the hip.
Brandon Knowles - Front Feeble in heavy traffic.
It's so fun to watch Levi flow around the bowl with very little effort. Front Tail.
Levi - Back Smith.
Cash always brings a ton of energy to every session, busting out his classic Invert type tricks. What do you call this Cash?
Brian Schaef.....err I mean Abe Stewart carries a frontside grind through the corner.
Brian Adams full speed ahead on this over the hip 5-0.
Seriously, Full Speed Ahead.
"Give it up for Brian Adams everyone!"
David Diaz is out here representing for the Core Surf Crew. Thanks for coming out David!
Furlong was cruising around the bowl like some kind of pro skater...oh wait.
Miles McKinney is too young to enter the OMBJ, but that's not gonna stop him from taking a few runs. Here he is flying a frontside Air over Alex. Way over him.
Another lofty one from Miles - Stalefish.
That's it for our Under 40 crew; Who's next Derick?!
Quick crowd check during Practice. Thanks for packing the house this year!
Brian feeling the energy and getting the guys hyped to start the 40-49 division.
Chris McGibbon sparks it with a frontside grind.
Mikko Malmivaara came all the way from Finland for this contest; seriously! - Back Disaster
Jimmy the Greek handling a front smith in classic form.
Jimmy Dennis came out with consistent lines to take 6th place. - Frontside Grind
Ray G crushing it with this fakie 5-0. So sick!
Our fearless leader making good use of his home court advantage by carrying long frontside grind through the elbow.
Victor Ulmer bringing the energy on this frontside air.
Roberto Cortes eyes on the prize - Frontside Grind.
Time for our judges, Alec Gabler, Derick Glancy and Charlie Brinson, to deliberate.
Just enough time for a selfie with the head honcho.
The boys, young and old, held an impromptu session during the break. Paolo put his tired legs back to work on this flyout to Ice Plant.
Kyle Randall took a handful of crazy slams for this Boardslide around the corner. Totally worth it.
Time for the awards show. First the young bucks; 25-39. John Whiteman takes home 3rd place.
Brandon Knowles takes home a respectable 2nd Place. Our 1st Place winner, Anthony Furlong was out the door before he could accept his trophy. Congratulations to the not-so-old men in the 25-39 age group.
Mikko snags 3rd Place in the 40-49 year old age group.
Who's that in 2nd Place?! The one and only Brian Schaefer! Looks like that home court advantage worked out this year.
And of course we have Kevin Coss taking home 1st Place. Congatulations Coss, you killed it again this year!
Mike Rogers took home 1st Place in the 50+ age group, proving that you really can "Grind for Life". Congratulations Mike!
Time for the Special Awards: It goes without saying that Brian puts in 100% every time he's on the board. So of course he wins this years' "O for Effort" award.
The fellas at PoorStar took home a "Just For Showing Up" award. Thanks for always bringing the positive energy guys!
John Whiteman takes home the "Wall Jammer" award for his insane 50-50 Pull-in on the Creature wall.
Kevin Coss frontside grinded two laps around the Bowl to win the "Longest Grind" award. Just kidding, but he did go super far.
Kyle Randall took a gnarly one to the dome during his run, earning him the "Hardest Slam' award. Not exactly the award you want to take home, but hey, it's better than no award.
Roberto Vega is keeping the flame lit for all of us young bucks, proving that age really is just a number. He holds the award for "Oldest Old Man" at the contest; still ripping at age 56. Hell yea Roberto!
Well that's it for the Old Man Bowl Jam. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to show support, especially this crew! We seriously cannot do these kind of rad events without you guys!


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