Saturday at Surf Expo January 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Saturday at Surf Expo January 2005

Posted on Sunday, January 9, 2005 by Rob

Surf Expo January 2005 Saturday
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Carlos De Andrade won the Volcom Pro Mini-Ramp jam yesterday. Here's some stuff he did in his runs: double flip fakie (what?!), perfect 360 flips to fakie, nollie backside 360 big spins to fake, backside ollies to fakie over three sheets, nollie heel flip backside 360s to fakie. Definitely deserving of the mini ramp champ title.

Full results are right here.

Check out video footage of Carlos De Andrade's run courtesy of BC over at SCUTV. It's a 4mb Quicktime video.

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Carlos De Andrade with his big check. Looks like Kyle Berard is looking at that deck like, "Can I ride this thing?"
Carlos De Andrade with some serious alcohol abuse
I don't know if Kris Markovich ever made this backside 360 flip, but he was ripping the whole day
A little bit of madness at the Volcom booth
Kyle Berard - kickflip fakie
I was going to Photo Shop a cross behind Judd Heald here since he's in the crucify position on this smith grind, but it seems religous people don't have too much of a sense of humor like that
Chris Haslam - fakie hang up back revert or something like that
Garold Vallie - mute fakie
Grant Taylor - frontside melon
It was such a crazy snake session that you had to look around while doing your tricks so you wouldn't knock heads with anyone. Dennis Busenitz - frontside tailslide on guard
Dave Duren - frontside stale
One more from the floor
That dude behind this chick is hoping for the "click here to zoom in" shot, but I missed it this time
Chad Shetler - frontside noseblunt from low to high
Do these photos ever get old? Not to me, so you're going to keep seeing them
Friendly girls in bikinis trying to sell you some busted ass surf gear
This is Brazilian mini ramp champ Alan Mesquita doing a frontside heelflip from high to low
Alan Mesquita - I think this is called a saran wrap or something like that


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