TBT - Chris Miller 1989 Vans NSA vert skateboarding contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

TBT - Chris Miller 1989 Vans NSA vert skateboarding contest

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2017 by Paul

Chris Miller, aka your favorite legend’s favorite legend, is one of the greatest transition skaters of all time. Vert, bowl, pool, you name it and he’ll kill it to this day with grace, speed, style, and tricks. But even though he’s universally loved and respected, Chris is still way underrated for the following reasons: 1. In the 1980s he wasn’t sponsored by the companies famous for cranking out noteworthy videos, thus he was never showcased in the way the Powell or Santa Cruz guys were. 2. He never won all that many contests because Hawk and Hosoi were pretty much unbeatable during much of his time as a pro. 3. Honestly, Chris didn’t really reach his prime until 20 years after most of his peers, saving a lot of his best and most beautifully executed maneuvering for his late 30s and early 40s, which is why he’s still the legend that everyone is trying (and usually failing) to beat at the Vans Pool Party each year. Regardless, here’s an example of one of the rare contests Mr. Miller did win back in the day. It’s a little sketchy, but pay special attention to the fact that he does a backslide lipslide 24 walls deep into this run. 1989 was a good year.


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