2017 Damn Am Costa Mesa Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2017 Damn Am Costa Mesa Qualifiers & Indy Best Trick Coverage

Posted on Sunday, June 11, 2017 by Chris

Qualifiers at Damn Am Costa Mesa wrapped up yesterday, and with so many rippers, and not enough room in the Semis for everyone, the judges had their work cut out for them. Like that wasn't enough, the Indy Best Trick looked closer to a freak show than an actual contest. If you made it to Volcom HQ, find a good spot to lurk today, because everything's about to get turned up a notch.

Photos: Bart Jones
Showed up this morn and sure enough people came, packed house.
Let's zoom in on this crowd a lil bit and see who’s here: none other than Sole Tech's Pierre-André Senizergues and Don Brown.
Robby Hargreaves kicks things off fittingly so with an Ollie One-Foot.
Alright Lazer Crawford whats the deal!? Your name is Lazer, but you’re two Damn Am’s in this year and still haven’t seen you do a Lazer Flip. If you can’t do them, no big deal just say so; maybe you should just change your name to Backtail.
The Chief showed up to fan out on one of his faves, Cruise Mosberg.
Aori Nishimura takin’ the 90’s stee to the next level with the white washed overalls one strap down and a neon Oakley shirt.
This is one of our ways of sayin’ "hey TWS we appreciate you." and also saying "hey Jackson Davis, you look cool man".
Paul Schmitt and Michelle from Boards for Bros: two people that highly influence the life cycle of your skateboard.
CJ Collins takes a break from goin extreme air baby to show he’s got pinch too.
Nate Greenwood handles his moneygun.
I love Wieners.
Maurice Jordan, notorious for taking the hard hittin’ tricks and turnin em Switch.
Last years Costa Mesa winner Alex Midler Alley-Oopin’ in hopes of a 2-peat.
OC Phil sniffed out the comp all the way from the mean streets of Costa Mesa and came through to throw down a couple lines.
Chris Pierre Jaques might be from Sleepy Hollow, but by the look of his Frontside Airs he doesn’t seem tired at all.
This gap Fs 50-50 is almost just as cool as the name Giovanni Vianna; oh man that's a good name.
Jonny Hernandez Kickflips the pyramid with a lil shifty bonus.
Daisuke Ikeda is gettin good at these contest things, Tre Flippin his way into qualifying 2nd and a straight shot to the Finals.
Extra Special Congrats to Maurio McCoy, Qualifying 1st also with a straight shot to finals, and also, also.. another great name.
Giovanni Vianna making his mark this weekend, 5th place Independent Best Trick doing a Cab Front Blunt down the rail.
Straight outta South Central, Jonathan Henderson copped 3rd in Best Trick with a Tre Smith down the rail, although there is no documentation, so here is a Front Shuv Crook instead.
Congrats Johnny!
You might've seen it a couple times before, but not that many... Lucas Rabelo performs the rare Frontside 270 over the rail to Switch Back Lip.
A move like this got Lucas 3rd in Indy’s Best Trick. Yeah Lucas!
Mike Piwowar in mid Nosegrind gettin ready to pop out Nollie Flip with a billionth of a second to spare.
Mike shows that hard work pays off and so does quick feet, earning him 2nd place in Best Trick. Good Job Mike!
And of course, and rightfully so, Ivan Monteiro houses the Independent Best Trick with a Backside 270 Kickflip Lip 270 Out; that was crazy man. Huge Congrats Ivan!! Stay tuned tomorrow for coverage of the final showdown!


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