Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 by Chris

Wow...Another epic Go Skateboarding Day in Tampa has come and gone. I wish we could have skate days like this every week. There's nothing like seeing a swarm of people pushing through the city with huge smiles plastered to their faces. Almost as satisfying as seeing the pedestrian rubberneckers' faces while they hold up their magical recording devices to catch it all in time. We started out early at the new Bro Bowl downtown, skated through to Ybor City, hit Ghetto Gap, gave out some cash for tricks (and good thing, because there were a lot of broken boards), then skated to SPoT for free skating and more best trick contests. Adidas got MVP this year for hooking it up with some rad t-shirts (hope you got one) and all the prizes. Whether you skitched or skated, we're stoked you could spend the day with us. Now here are some images.

Photos: Josh Bowser
We all met up at Perry Harvey Skatepark aka Bro Bowl 2.0, to link up with friends and warm up the legs.
Hyped faces all around...
Dalton - Sweeper
Adidas was kind enough to sponsor the event, and they even printed out these sick t-shirts that we got to hand out to everyone at the park. Good looks on the White Tees!
"What size are you bro?"
Mandatory performance check from our host for the day, Derick Glancy. Told you I always make him take a skate photo at every event.
Aaron Davis sets off the Best Trick contest with a solid Heelflip.
Marse Farmer - Fakie Ollie over the Rail
Braden Stelma - Impossible
Anthony Pitti - Double Lazer Flip
Tim Geiger - Kickflip Front Boardslide
Sparky aka Dustin Dollin - Pressure Flip
Alex Hunter - FS Air
Anthony Pitti - Heeflip FS 50-50
Anthony took home First Place at our first Best Trick contest of the day, and he was super appreciative. Hell yea Anthony, thanks for the positivity dude!
Time for some group hill bombs before the group photo.
Ryan, Takoki and Jose' all smiles as they take their last turn.
Thanks to everyone who came to join us at Bro Bowl, time to line up for that obligatory group photo.
While the crew was still intact from the photo, we decided it was a good time to head out to Ghetto Gap. Derick led us out in the van while Ryan Cullen and the rest of us did our best to keep up.
Look out when you see this heavy crew coming your way, especially when Connor Faris is leading the pack.
When you just need to block the road for the squad...
Heavy Traffic.
Aaron Davis is all smiles and appreciation, all the time.
Free rides for skaters.
This is what happens when you give one skater a ride...Skitch lemmings.
Don't get it twisted, even the older heads were making the push. So sick to see all the different crews, young & old, rolling together for a change.
Tyler Radford throwing some peace around right before his iPhone clip went viral. Head to the Thrasher Insta to watch the clip now, and don't worry, the kid that went down is totally fine.
This was a popular look from everyone by the time we made it through Ybor. A mix of accomplishment, relief and exhaustion.
We had quite a crew watching our annual Carcass Toss; Crusty Jay was here too, in classic style.
Derick was ready to give out some cash to anyone willing to throw their bodies down the gap. Let's get it!
When one ollie just isn't enough, add another body to the mix. Some of these slams on this double ollie routine were pretty dicey.
Alex Hunter - Switch Ollie
Markus showed up 20 minutes late and, in usual style, proceeded to destroy the Ghetto Gap, and his board. Varial Heel with a broken board.
Back at SPoTTampa, it was time for our last Best Trick of the day. This time we had cash and tickets to Vans Warped Tour to give away.
Aaron Davis - Back Tail
Markus Jalaber - Back Smith
Robby Kirkland - Kickflip Front Board
Marse Farmer - Switch Front Blunt
Darius Woods - 360 Flip Footplant
Aaron Davis - Heelflip BS 50-50
Nick Laboy - Switch Flip Front Board
Marse would Bigspin out of this Fakie Noseblunt.
Here are the winners of the last Best Trick of the day. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate skateboarding with us and a special Thank You to Adidas Skateboarding for their help in making this Go Skate Day one of our most successful to date. See you all next year! (L-R: Derick Glancy, Alex Szlabonyi(1st), Marse Farmer(2nd), Darius Woods(Special Mention), Aaron Davis(3rd))


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