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Zaturdays: Gift Ideas for the Skater who has Everything

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 by Paul

If the title of this week’s Zaturdays applies to anyone you know, then you must know a skater that I don’t who isn’t Tony Hawk. Because Birdman aside, every skater that I’ve ever met doesn’t have anything close to everything. But if you’re trying to shop for that spoiled rich kid who kid who has the latest Supreme gear, the entire collection of Santa Cruz Garbage Pail kids boards, and the GoPro Hero 6 with a Death Lens, then this list might help you get your Christmas shopping done.

A Lance Mountain Backyard Pool Sculpture
Granted, I don’t know if he’s made more than two or three of these, or if he’d do one by request, or not, but money talks and if you offered him a full size pool price for one my guess is he’d be down to hook you up.
Price: Probably a LOT.
Tickets to Tampa Pro
If you live in the Tampa area this one is a no brainer. You can get a weekend pass to see the best of the best pros killing it live.
Price: You can’t put a price on memories.
20 Pack of MOB Grip
Straight up, even the skater who has everything doesn’t have spare grip. I know this because spare grip does not exist. So for one low price you can be the change.
Price: $83.99 / $4.20 per sheet
A Round Trip to Shanghai
If you like crusty east coast spots this isn’t the trip for you. Only look into buying this package if you’re into mile after mile of marble ledges and more spots than you could hit in a lifetime. All you’ll need is a flight, $3 a day to eat, and a willingness to sleep on someone’s floor and my guess is you’ll be able to make it happen. If you have the flight and food money and a willingness to sleep under the bridge your chances are even better you can make it happen.
Price: $807 round trip from Wichita, KS. Plus $3 per day for food. Plus your will.
Every Skateboard Magazine Ever
Hit up @thelookbacklibrary and ask if you can be a library. Even the skater who has everything doesn’t have this.
Price: Priceless.
Mini Ramp
Because isn’t it about time you quit bailing hardflips 100 times a day and start landing something? And even if you never bail it’s still a good idea. Proof of that is Shane O’Neill’s recent backyard addition. BTW the mini is just on the other side of that delicious Chocolate Villager Water.
Price: $1000 to $10,000 depending how big of a mini you’re trying to build.
720 Arcade Game
Think of this as one of those times where the journey is the destination. Because I looked on eBay and found a joystick and the cabinet and…that was pretty much it. Good luck!
Price: Joystick $400. Cabinet $1200. Plus parts.
DEWALT Cordless Jobsite Radio
Aka a Battery Powered Jam Box to out Muska the Muska. No need to bring an extension cord or look for an outlet where no outlets exist. You can take this thing around town and not only blast the session but blast the session’s neighbors and the session’s neighbor’s neighbors. But only if you want to get everyone hyped.
Price: $200
I’m not talking about those two wheel, toes forward things that loafs use to get around at like 4mph. I’m talking about the Back to the Future type hoverboard where you’re literally floating above the ground, like the one you see Dave Carnie riding in the photo below (wait, that’s not Tony Hawk?). I’m not sure why snowboarding goggles are recommended for hovering, but if they are, make sure to purchase a pair of those too. This is a total novelty and looks closer to skimboarding with no water than it does to skateboarding, but whatever, maybe it’s fun for a rainy day.
Price: Probs like $1,000,000
A Donation to Boards 4 Bros in their Name
If you’re really shopping for the skater who has everything, well then maybe they really don’t need anything else and the best gift you could give them is a warm and fuzzy feeling all up in their insides. You can do that by going to and clicking DONATE TODAY and getting skateboards into the hands and under the feet of kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. So get on it!
Price: Let’s get you started at $100 and go from there.


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