Deckaid Artshow in NJ To Benefit Boards For Bros Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Deckaid Artshow in NJ To Benefit Boards For Bros

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2018 by Chris

Tim Anderson (aka Bobshirt) has a huge collection of old skateboards, but rather than sit at home in front of them and pine over the "Golden Era" of skateboarding, he and his wife Sarah decided to put them to a good cause. Their Deckaid art shows are a skateboard nerd's paradise, filled with memorabilia, photos and original illustrations. And the best part is that all the money raised from these exhibitions goes to support skate youth in need. So far they have hit communities in NYC, Boston, Philly and D.C.

The next opening will be at PROTO Gallery in Hoboken, NJ on February 17 of this year, and all proceeds will go to our official non-profit charity Boards for Bros. If you can, I highly recommend making the trip. Not just to support a great cause, but to witness skateboarding's rich history and the people who helped write it. More details on this show can be found right here.

Tim also does a pretty rad interview series with some of the skaters involved in these trips down memory lane. Here's a recent one with Jason Dill talking about his old favorite videos and graphics in the way that only he can.

Video courtesy of Transworld

Tim, Sarah and family at an early Deckaid show in DC
Just a small sample of the boards that will be at Deckaid NJ in February
Tim's wife Sarah had the idea to take a portrait of each Pro with their board. These prints will also be on display

Photos courtesy of @deckaid - give them a follow on Insta


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