Spring Roll 2018 presented by Etnies Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2018 presented by Etnies Photos

Posted on Monday, April 9, 2018 by Chris

Spring Break means one thing for us here at SPoT: The Spring Roll all ages contest. This year Etnies came through with some sick prizes and all that good stuff you got in the product toss. The 9-12 division is turning into the new Sponsored division because these kids are all ridiculously talented. Check out some photos from the day and make sure you give a HUGE shout out to Etnies if you re-post any of these on your Insta feed.

Photos: Josh Bowser
We were lucky enough to have Yonis Molina here to announce the contest. Lets get started Yonis!
@the_skate_bus crew showed up for the contest. Thanks for coming out guys!
Hunter George : Alley Oop from the QP to the Kahuna
Brandon Delgado : Boneless
Noah Nagaro has these Back Smiths all day.
Noah holding onto a Boardslide across the whole flat board and straight to First Place.
Little man repping for Boards for Bros!
8 + Under Winners: (L-R) Jonny Rips (1st), Ian Mazer (3rd), Hunter Bushouse (4th), Jett Lambert (2nd)
12 + Up Winners: (L-R) Hunter George (3rd), Zion Effs (4th), Noah Pollard (1st), Nash Barfield (2nd), Elijah Wolcott (5th)
Ryan Cullen : FS Air
Griffin Connor : This is actually a Front Smith to Front Board. Yep!
Grace Marhoefer : High Speed Front Smith
Denzel Jennings : Gap to Lipslide on his way to First Place in 16 and Up.
Marse Farmer : High speed FS 5-0
Jake Yanko : Backside Fly-out
Angel : Front Smith all the way
Kris Clayton : Front Blunt
Wes Box : Bluntslide
Tyler Wolford : Front Blunt
Miles McKinney : BS Overcooks
Darius : Back Smith
Rio Batan : Flick Crooks
Jake Yanko : BS Nosepick
Braden Stelma handled the course like a Pro and took First Place in Sponsored with stuff like this Front Blunt. Congratulations Braden!
Product Toss Madness!
13-15 Winners: (L-R) Adrian Jimenez (5th), Noah Nagaro (1st), Grace Marhoeffer (3rd), Ryan Cullen (4th), Elijah Allred (2nd)
16+ Up Winners: (L-R) Noah Alderman (3rd), Griffin Connor (2nd), Denzel Jennings (1st), Kareem Rampie (4th), Niriq Benson (5th)
Sponsored Winners: (L-R) Jake Yanko (2nd), Miles Mckinney (5th), Braden Stelma (1st), Jordi Zapata (4th), Landon Swan (3rd)


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