Photos From The Vans Girls Skate Clinic at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From The Vans Girls Skate Clinic at SPoT

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018 by Chris

Vans, SPoT and Boards for Bros came together to welcome over 100 female skateboarders to a day filled with skating, fun, food and friendship. Boards for Bros generously gave 45 new skaters their very own skateboard so they can keep skating for the days and years to come. Huge thank you's go out to Vans, The Bricks, our local volunteers, and all the girls that came out to embrace skateboarding.

Photos: Josh Bowser
As you can see, the turnout was insane! There were so many young ladies on the scene that the Kiddie course looked like an All Ages Contest.
They say those who can’t do, teach. But that’s really not the case with Sam. Here he shows a young lady the proper stance when on the board.
Morgan Wong was here with Vans, educating everyone on the Clinic and giving out special promo items for the girls.
Most of the gear was this awesome deep Purple color. I wanted all of it…
Laura Fong-Yee: Front Board. If you can’t already tell, Laura is an extremely talented skater and the kids seemed to really enjoy watching her skate.
This young lady took home the Main Prize, a brand new Nora deck from Welcome Skateboards!
The Concrete course was no less packed. It was seriously a little overwhelming.
Aaron Morgan is another one of our hugely talented employees and teachers.
Girls who rip, teaching other girls how to rip.
Couple of first timers at the Park. They were having so much fun. Thanks for coming!
Alex Bibiloni was around to show the beginners a few key first steps. Thank you Alex, you rule!
Girls rule the world.
Look at those faces...everyone was having an amazing time.
Big shoutout to the Bricks for providing a healthy lunch after an intense session.
We all sat to watch a short video from Lizzie Armando’s trip to India to teach her own Girls Skate Clinic. Seems like she had an awesome experience out there.
“Hold up those raffle tickets!”
Thank you to all these ladies from Vans for lending a hand in every aspect of this event. You are seriously the best!
And we can’t forget to shout out the Boards for Bros team! They lent out 45 boards for girls that didn’t have their own and did all kinds of stuff to make everyone feel welcome.
They also brought out the art supplies so the kids could decorate their boards.
Thank you again to everyone who came out for the Vans’ Girls Skate Clinic! And we mean everyone, whether it’s the girls who had never been, the parents who came and hung out, every volunteer and, of course, the people at Vans for creating such an empowering event for young ladies all over the country!


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