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Photos From The St. Pete Skatepark Grand Opening

Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 by Chris

Last Saturday, we loaded up the van and took the team over to St. Pete for the grand opening of Campbell Park. Team Pain really outdid themselves with this one... there's a mellow street course that bleeds into a snake run, a gnarly bowl Mike Frazier calls "The Humbler" and plenty of space to move around. Boards for Bros stopped by too to make sure that kids who didn't have skateboards got some to shred it, and overall it was a rad day. Check some of the photos.

Photos: Josh Bowser
The park was packed, with kids lined up at every corner of the park.
Jacob Campbell aka the King of St Pete Skateboarding : Slappy Front 50-50.
Kris Clayton : Suski Grind
Who’s board is this??
Ahh makes a little more sense now.
This guy had the best stickers on his scooter.
Evan Tieman : Front Disaster
The Mayor of St. Pete came out to introduce the team behind the construction of the park, and to cut the ribbon.
Lets make it official!
After the ribbon cutting, Tim managed to snag a piece of the ribbon. Nice work.
Tim Geiger : King Flikka w/ the high speed Flick Crooks
Chris Roque : FS Noseblunt
Yonis Molina : Switch Front Board
Guess how many flips Nick did and win….Times up, its a triple flip.
Marse : Bennett Grind
Markus Jalabur : Crooked Grind
Matt Savidakis : Back Smith
Marse about to lock into a Flick FS Nosegrind
Sly Sullivan : Kickflip FS 50-50 right into a Best Trick victory.
Marse took home 2nd Place in the Street Best Trick. The boys were there to show love.
Tyler Coffman : FS Floater
Crusty Mayo came out to show support, and tear the park apart. Sup guys!?
The boys of Boards for Bros. Thanks for coming boys.
Follow the leader during the Bowl Best Trick.
Keith Baldassare : Boneless
Nash Barfield skates Bowls like a grown man. Front Lip around the corner
Deein has no stance. Regular footed Front Smith
Deein Coats : Goofy footed Hurricane (How does he do that?!).
Nick Hammersly : BS Boneless Fakie
Chris Roque : Stylish FS Early Release Day
Chris Roque : BS Crail
The Blue Panda made an appearance, remember him from Pro??
Fingerflip Invert? I’m too young to know all the Handplant names. Rodney, if you see this - tell us young bucks what this trick was.
Kevin Reynolds : FS Air to Tail
Dan Brown : Layback Air
Nash Barfield : Casual FS Air
Mike Frazier : Front Lip in the Big Bowl
Steven McKaig : Smith thru the Corner


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